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Essential Home
Essential Home Luxury Window Valance - Sage


Accent your window with the stylish look of this Luxury window valance from Essential Home. Unlike a curtain, a valance adds a dash of style to finish the room without hiding your windows or suppressing natural light. Each tiered, scalloped panel is sure to enhance your decor with a rich, elegant sheen.

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So Pretty!


Purchased this valance for my kitchen. I had just one smal window in there, and I wanted my yellow and green decor to really stand out. The valance did the trick and it looks fabulous! The cost of the valance was actually affordable. I never like to spend a lot of money on window furnishings, but was more than comfortable paying for this one. It didn't look like some cheap piece of fabric, and it has certainly remained dependence and looking just as lovely as the day I added it to my window. The valance is so stylish and really makes my kitchen look elegant. All of the colors are bursting throughout, and the valance really seals the deal and the amazing look. I purchased this curtain from K-Mart and it cost less than $10! Unbeatable deal. Of course you can find the brand and this particular valance sold at a number of other stores and online as well. It is actually quite popular.


Nashville, TN


Instantly changes a window


I have several Essential Home Luxury Window Valances hanging above windows in my house because they add a touch of style without breaking the bank. These lightweight valances are very easy to shimmy on my curtain rods and don't put any strain on my wall brackets. I have one valance above a small bathroom window that really accentuates the crown molding and brings another dynamic to the dark colored tiles on my wall. For my living room front window I had to use four valances and they blended in effortlessly together to appear like one piece. I'm not too fond with the top portion of the valance bunching up regardless if they are stretched completely, but it does a great job of hiding the curtain rod's imprint. The only downside to these valances is that I wish they were a little thicker. I can clearly see through the valances up close and far away. I would still recommend the Essential Home Luxury Window Valance because it can change the look of any window frame in a matter of seconds for an extremely low price.


Westchester, IL


Essential Home Luxury Window Valance - Sage

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