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Essential Garden
Essential Garden Slate Rock Fire Pit


Nothing Beats the Comfort of a Wood Heat Fire Pit

Whether it’s a cool summer night or one of those fall evenings where the crackle of a fire and crisp air make the perfect scene, this slate rock fire pit is home to roaring fires and glowing coals, roasting smores and snuggling up to the warmth of wood heat. A safe and neat addition to any patio or yard, this portable pit keeps fires contained within, while the thick fiberglass reinforced cement build absorbs and distributes warmth and comfort to all who surround it. For an added touch of style and safety, this classic slate favorite includes a mesh top that protects your yard from sparks, and helps keep the spread of ash to a minimum.

Easy to clean, this patio fire pit has a smooth bottom that makes scooping out ashes quick, while loading it back up with an armload of fresh wood is done in a matter of seconds. Built to be a permanent addition to your landscape and comfortable favorite on cool nights, this fire pit combines the strength of concrete and long life of steel to bring you a rich glow and soothing warmth whenever you like.

The perfect setting for sitting around sharing stories, sipping a glass of wine or simply basking in the flickering orange light, feeling the warmth against your skin, this Wood Heat Fire Pit is designed for long evenings filled with comfort. The perfect excuse to escape the sofa, get some fresh air and enjoy evenings of conversation, load this classic fire pit up and enjoy the warmth.

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Beautiful and Functional


This slate rock fire pit both looks good and works well in a variety of ways. The slate will go with pretty much anything, and makes it look more like a natural part of anywhere it goes. It also allows for thinks like drinks to be kept on the side. Just be careful that they don't get too hot by the flames. As with any fire pit, it is perfect for roasting things like smores. This one allows you to be able to lean the sticks down on the little side area when they aren't in use. The price shouldn't be too bad, especially if you can find it on sale somewhere. Its a good size and the fires stay up for a while. The mesh top is nice to put on when its dimming down and you want to leave it to go out, as it won't let too much of the ash spread. It's easy to clean considering how smooth the material used is. Plenty of people can sit around it and warm up, though it isn't overly big either which is nice.



Essential Garden Slate Rock Fire Pit

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