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Essante Organics Sanitizer

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Good but not very cost effective.


It is nice that the product does not have any chemicals, cleans and is made of organic plant products but because of the costs involved, it does not make it very cost effective. It cleans very well. You feel good about the fact that you are not using harsh chemicals to further cause damage to your body and immune system, but the costs out weights the benefits because it would simply eat you out of house and home trying to keep this product in your home that you and your family would use on a daily basis several times a day. We need products that we use on a daily basis to be far more affordable. At this rate it would eat us out of house and home. I would like to see organic products that are pesticide free, gmo free and chemical free for their products to come way down in price. To me at this rate it is a price gauge. At this rate it would force the consumer to look elsewhere for alternatives that are much more friendly to the family's household "Pocket Book."



Essante Organics Sanitizer

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