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Espoma Rose Tone Fertilizer

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My Rose Tone Roses


I have the best looking roses because of ROSE TONE. I have tried a lot of fertlizers and is the best out there. They keep looking so good I am always getting more plants and my yard is so full of roses thare is no room for other plants., i also use it on my azelas too.

Corry, PA


It's easy to work organic when organic works this good.


Rose Tone fertilizer is an effective fertilizer with a guaranteed analysis of at least 6-6-4. I use it almost exclusively for all my flowers, now. It performs very well, so I just don't see a point to using chemical fertilizers which are bad for the environment, bad for the soil, and can damage plants. It IS a little more expensive than most chemical fertilizers, but not enough to outweigh the benefits. I don't want to go on an organic rant here, because the fact is I'm not that strict about it. I'm organic when it's better, cheap enough, and/or convenient. Most people I know are that way as well. So I'll just say that this is one of those cases. Try Rose Tone for your flowers. (I doubt I'll ever review all of them, but Espoma makes a variety of organic fertilizers and I recommend them all within their niches.)

Marietta, GA


Espoma Rose Tone Fertilizer

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