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Especially for Kids
Especially for Kids Potty Adapter Seat

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I am glad the Especially for Kids potty seat wasn't expensive


When my 2 year old daughter wanted to use the potty, we thought it would be great to have her trained early. However, we quickly found she was a bit too small to sit safely on the potty. We had the bigger, sturdy seats at home, but were looking for something that we could easily transport in the diaper bag and take with us when we travel. I found this and thought it was a great idea (the rubber kept from pinching I had heard so much about) and it was cheap. There is a reason it was cheap. The seat does not fit on any toilet we have found out in public, and because of that it is flimsy and my daughter refuses to use it because she does not feel safe. Save your money, or purchase a better quality seat. After about 6 months our daughter now uses the regular seat just fine.

Galloway, OH


Buy only if you want to increase your potty training frustration


The **Especially for Kids** **Travel Potty Seat** is a waste of money and is frustrating to use.  As everyone knows, public restrooms are often scary for kids and germs are lurking in every corner.  I purchased this travel potty seat to keep my hands and my child's body off public toilet seats.  This travel potty seat miserably failed my expectations - I ended up touching toilet seats more due to the bad fit.  The **travel potty seat** kept popping off the seat and would not fit securely.  I tried the travel potty seat on different types of toilet seats with similar bad results.  My boy who is almost three was scared of the **travel potty seat** because he slid around on it due to the bad fit.  My son was more comfortable with my holding him on a big toilet seat than using this **travel potty seat**.   

Knoxville, TN


Especially for Kids Potty Adapter Seat

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