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Especially for Baby
Especially for Baby Comfy Bear Bath Sponge

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Perfect for bathing newborns


After reading some of the other reviews for this bath sponge, I had to laugh because I realized I wasn't really using this as it was intended! Nonetheless, I figured I'd write a review of it based on how we used it. When my son was a newborn, we primarily used this bath sponge for giving him sponge baths. We had the most counter space in the kitchen, so we would put this on our island counter and give him warm sponge baths until he was a few weeks old after his remaining umbilical cord piece had fallen off. Once we started using our baby bathtub, we used this bath sponge as a place to dress/undress him, dry him off, and blow dry his hair. Since our changing table was on a different floor of the house, we used this in lieu of it since we were bathing our infant in the kitchen. That all being said, for what we used this sponge for, it worked perfectly and we used it until he was too big to fit on it anymore. Since we weren't submerging ours in the tub, we never dealt with the mildew/drying issues that other reviewers have commented on. Overall, this is one of the most have newborn items because it's so inexpensive and it's easy to find a use for it!

Carmel, IN


We love bathtime now!


This sponge has been wonderful!  My four-month-old son got too big for the bather I was using before.  He's also gotten quite active, and this is perfect.  I can lay him down in the tub on the sponge, and he will lie there smiling and splashing as long as I'll let him.  He loves bathtime, and I love this sponge!

Riverside, NJ


Especially for Baby comfy bear bath sponge essential for newborn


The especially for baby comfy bear bath sponge is a fantastic item for first time parents. Bathing a newborn for the first time is always a daunting challenge. I was really afraid of that first bath. This sponge really helps to make it easy and safe to bathe your newborn. You can use it easily in the ktichen or bathroom sink without having to lug out a huge bathtub. YOu simply lay the baby on it and bathe. He's protected on the soft sponge and you don't need to completely submerge him. There are a couple of drawbacks. These can get expensive as you constantly have to replace them. After a while, they may gather mildew so you have to make sure to wring out completely and hang to dry which can be a bit of a hassle. This sponge is also convenient for those parents who are short on space and don't have the room to store a large baby bathtub or those who feel more comfortable simply bathing in the kitchen or bathroom sink. A few drawbacks but overall a thumbs up at least for newborns.

Los Angeles, CA


Especially for Baby Comfy Bear Bath Sponge

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