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Erie Insurance

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Great service


We have been Erie customers for over 15 years. They are priced very reasonable for home and auto. Repairs are done quick through shops they are affiliated with. They put people first and the staff are professional and courteous to your situation. I would highly recommend for all your insurance needs


Manchester pa


This company is a rip off!!


This company is a rip off, They did not take out my payment through autopay as set up, then threatened to cancel me so I made a payment and they canceled me anyway. I called and was told I would get a refund in 7-10 days, after a moth went by I called back and was told I would not be getting a refund. They cancelled me and took y money anyway. Terrible company.


Louisville, KY


Expect unreasonable delays


I am a consumer. The hassle my wife and I were put through was terrible. This is not a fast paying, attentive insurance company. It is a cheaper company, but apparently you get what you pay for. Expect delays and aggravation.


Chippewa Falls, WI


Best claims service


I am an independent insurance agent, which means that I write insurance for many companies. Out of our personal lines (Home, auto, life, umbrella) options, Erie is by far my favorite in terms of claims service. Insurance is the one thing you hate paying for until you have a claim that flips your world upside down. I have witnessed on multiple occasions how Erie's adjustors go above and beyond to make an insured as comfortable as can be expected after a loss. They are honest and fair. The same applies to their commercial business insurance as well.


Henderson, NC


Love Erie Insurance


I've been with Erie for over 30 year, started with them because my dad was with Erie for over 20 years, and they have always taken care of me. I haven't had many claims but when I did they've paid the repairs and now I have accident forgiveness so my rates don't increase. Love Erie


Pittsburgh, PA


Run FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!


Erie Insurance is an immoral company. They will do anything they can to not pay a claim. My boss purchased a commercial insurance policy from Erie Insurance. We have eight or nine vans on the road. All of the vans were placed in the policy and all of the drivers and our driving records were underwritten and insured by Erie. Three months later I had an at fault accident in my company van. We discovered at that time that the agent had missed or forgotten to list the VIN number for my van on the policy. In Tennessee the insurance follows the vehicle not the driver. Because the van was not listed in the policy the van was not covered. Erie had a legal loophole and they wasted no time in denying the claim. It was a moral decision. Should we pay this claim based on the fact that this company has complied with everything we asked for, given us all of their vehicle insurance, paid the premiums required and it was an honest mistake made by our agent. Morally this is a no brainer. But with a legal loophole Erie proved that they are immoral by denying the claim. Don't walk, RUN from this company!!!!! It cost my boss a van and a 2010 Toyota!! He was very fortunate there were no bodily injuries in the wreck.


Nashville, TN




This is a great company as long as you do not have a claim. After my claim, which was not our fault, we were sent to a shop thy claimed was one of the company's best. The work was horrible, and came apart. Several e-mail, and calls make, and It seems as if customer service, claims, and any other units are all separate entity of one insurance company .I have been given a telephone number to contact supervisors that numbers has been busy for over two days. (





If you are an LGBTQ person STAY AWAY from this bigoted company. The company will say they are very much for the LGBTQ community but their agents are another story.




Disappointed in ERIE


I am sending this letter to air my utter disappointment with ERIE ! I am 51 and have had Erie auto coverage since 16 and Home owners since 1987.ERIE is my only coverage. Yes I have in the past been late on paying but to my recollection only 3-4 times in 35 years. I think that's pretty darn good. Each time I was late it was certainly an over sight on my part but when I realized I was at fault I made the payments to continue coverage. So now, I miss a payment date and got a cancelation notice that was mailed 1 day after the due date. WOW is that a great way to treat a customer of 35 years ! I know this letter will not mean a thing to ERIE but I want someone to know that even though I know it won't hurt ERIE, I believe that ERIE will be loosing 4 lifetime customers . I would not recommend ERIE to anyone. Very disheartened , Brian D Richards


Latrobe PA


Erie Insurance Has Let My Family Down


Over the course of the last two years, our Lexus was totaled in a car accident, no fault of our own. Erie replaced our Lexus. Within 6-months, I encountered my first accident and my car was totaled. Erie replaced it. Last year, I made a house claim, due to a faulty (new) water heater leaking and flooding my basement by a couple of inches, Erie took that claim and reimbursed me for minimal damages. I recently called the Insurance Agent and was informed that Erie would be dropping me and my family from their company. Mind you, these were the first claims in over 25 years that I have ever made with an Insurance company. I was informed that Erie expects the average client to only make 1 claim in 17 years and if you make more than that you are a risk. I like doing business with a company for years, perhaps even a lifetime, but Erie is not that company! It regrets me to say, that I will not be recommending Erie Insurance to any of my family and friends, unless of course, they only plan on having one accident claim in 17 years!


South Bend, IN


Erie Insurance

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