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Equate (Walmart) Quick Action Dairy Digestive Supplement

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With Equate Dairy Digestive Supplement you can eat dairy again!


As you know, I'm always in the market for a good, generic product that takes the place of a more expensive brand name and is up to the task at hand! Equate Quick Action Dairy Digestive Supplement does just that!  This natural, lactase enzyme dietary supplement can help you enjoy dairy products without gas, bloating or diarrhea.  It works naturally, quickly and makes dairy product easier to digest by breaking down the lactose (milk sugar). Each tablet contains 9,000 FCC Lactase Units - compare this to your brand-name product.  The box shown contains 60 caplets.  Simply take one caplet with your first bite or sip of food or liquid.  You will learn how your body reacts and whether or not you need a second caplet.  If you continue to eat dairy foods more than 30-45 minutes, it is suggested that you take another caplet. Contact your physician if you experience any unusual symptoms or if this digestive supplement does not work for you.  You may be suffering from some other condition. So if you are looking for an all-natural solution to your lactose intolerant problem, Equate Quick Action Dairy Digestive Supplement may be just the answer for you.  Each caplet is in its own little packet so you can take them wherever you go. I'm never without them!  

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Equate (Walmart) Quick Action Dairy Digestive Supplement

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