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Equate (Walmart) Pro Vitamin Shampoo Silky, Shiny, and Smooth

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Not Worth Extra Money


For me personally, I would rather not pay more money for a "pro vitamin" shampoo that does not give better results than a regular shampoo. It is not worth the extra money when it does not give a noticeably better result over a regular shampoo that costs less. Effectiveness For simply washing the hair, this product is extremely good at cleaning and removing oil and grease that can build up in the hair. It is also gentle on the hair and skin, leaving them feeling soft and refreshed. However, it advertises itself as a "pro vitamin" shampoo. I would expect it to give noticeably better results and notably healthier hair than a regular shampoo. For me personally, I simply have not seen better results. It certainly works well, but it seems to only work as well as a regular shampoo that is not designed to give these added benefits. Scent This shampoo does not give any strong or overpowering scent. It simply gives a fresh and clean scent that I find rather pleasant to smell.



Equate Shampoo Conditioner for lazy people with insane hair


When I land a good shampoo that works for me, I'm thrilled. The problem is, I have weird hair that's unlike most people's, so what I need doesn't stay on the market long. My current favorite shampoo is actually a 2 in 1/shampoo and conditioner. I like this because it does everything in one step. I've been washing my hair for 50 years. I'm sick of it. If I can get it done quickly, that's a huge plus. My hair is not like what most people have or want. It is not straight, full of body, thick, luxurious, smooth, shiny. You won't ever find me on a Clairol bottle. It is fine, fly-away, wavy, tends toward frizziness. It's a bear. I spent years fighting it. I've learned to accept it for what it is and work with it instead of against it. The right shampoo helps a lot. What I need is volume and something that encourages the curl. This particular Equate formula does everything I want. It doesn't seem to leave a flattening finish on my hair. That's good. For whatever reason, it encourages the curl and makes my hair fluffy and full. That's good. I love the single step/all in one thing. I can move on to other projects that are much more interesting than washing my hair.

Appleton, WI


Equate Pro Vitamin shampoo is just as good as more pricey brands


Equate Pro Vitamin shampoo for wavy or straight hair is just as good as the more pricey brands but alot cheaper. This particular shampoo is compared to Pantene Pro-V Always smooth. It has a fresh frangrance that isn't over powering. It leaves your hair soft, smooth, silky and shiney. It's designed to protect against damage. It lathers easily, and is just as easy to rinse out. You don't have to use a whole handful to get lather like you do with some of the other cheaper brands. My Grandma always said "Your hair isn't clean unless it sqeaks!" This shampoo does leave your hair "sqeaky clean"! It was made to be used daily, and can be used on permed or color-treated hair. The only problem I have had is since it has gotten cold out I have ended up with very dry scalp. I don't know if it's just the weather or if it has something to do with this shampoo. I have since started using another equate brand with this one to help with dry scalp. You can check out my other viewpoints to see about it too!

Atchison, KS


A great priced shampoo that you can compare to Pantene Pro-V


I used to buy Pantene Pro-V Classic care religiously. Then, on a whim, I tried Equate's brand. I am a big lover of Equate. They have never failed me or let me down so far, at least with their "Compare to..." product line. The same is true of this Pro Vitamin shampoo. It smells really great, almost identical to Pantene. The proof is in the pudding, though, as they say. When I use this shampoo, I can tell absolutely no difference between this shampoo and the real thing. It produces lots of foam, which I love. I leave it on for about a minute or so while I massage it in to a good lather, and my scalp and hair feel very clean during the rinse. The scent lingers on your head for a good while and there is, thankfully, no build up whatsoever You do need to use a separate conditioner when using this shampoo or your hair will feel a little brassy and tangly when you're freshly done washing it. The price is amazing, and at 750 ml or 25.4 fl oz, you just can't go wrong.

El Paso, TX


just like pantene pro v


The equate shiny, smooth is much like the pantene pro v that i have used.  I cant tell the difference really, my hair gets the same results.  The price is much better also. My hair is less frizzy, not as tangly either and the product smells very, very nice.  It lathers well with just a little and my scalp and hair feel clean also when i am done.  Although i need to use conditioner as it seems to leave my hair feeling very clean. The shampoo is thick in consistency and i like the bottle that it currently comes in as i can flip it upside down to store it in the shower and the cap is easy to open with one hand also.  It is easy to use and i dont have to wash my hair more than once as it cleans it thoroughly the first time through.  I am a country girl so i can get pretty dirty working outside so knowing that a quarter size or less amount of shampoo gets my hair clean no problem the first time.

Elmore, OH


Equate (Walmart) Pro Vitamin Shampoo Silky, Shiny, and Smooth

4.4 5