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Equate (Walmart) Panty Liners - Long

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I would buy again


They do what they're suppose to do. For the price, can't beat it. Thin enough to be discreet but absorbent enough to be confident. Love them.

Montgomery, Al


Why pay the high price of the brand name product?


Great product, have no problems with this brand at all. Work just as well as name brand but cheaper!!

Greenville, NC.


Why did you change the product?


Used for bladder leakage. Bladder habits haven't changed, but your product has. Very disappointed. Please go back to the more absorbant pad. Bought these pads for years in the past; now will have to look for other brands. What's disappointing as well, is I've recommended product to others.

Chandler, Arizona


Equate pantyliners are just average.


Equate pantyliners are the walmart brand. I have used walmart brand sanitary supplies in the past and don't really have a problem with the pantyliners. They are just ok, pretty normal. I would compare them to carefree or a like brand. They aren't really that much cheaper, so I guess whatever you prefer. I have had one issue with these pantyliners and other equate pad products as well. That issue seems to be related to the adhesive that they use. There have been multiple times when the adhesive still sticks even when you are trying to remove the pantyliner. I have even had bits of adhesive and liner stick to my underwear when I've removed the pantyliner. So the adhesive, for whatever reason, can be a bit to permanent at times. This doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen occasionally and I haven't really had that problem with any other brand. I think that the pantyliners absorb just as well as other brands, although I have suspected a lesser level of absorbency in some of their other feminine hygiene products. Overall, these are fine, but nothing special.

Millersburg, IN


Equate panty liners fall apart!


I am always suprised by how much pads, liners, and tampons cost, so I sometimes buy generics to save a little money. In the case of Equate Panty Liners-Long (108 count), I recommend spending the extra money on a better product. Here are a few of the issues I have experienced with this product. First of all, they are very narrow (so side leaks can occur), not very absorbant, tend to bunch and not stay stuck to underwear, and they fall apart (gross!)! The top layer in particular does not hold up. It falls apart and the cotton layer underneath starts to break down. Not Good! I change liners several times a day during spotting or light flow and they still do not hold up. I just do not think they are qualtiy constructed and definately do not hold up as well as most other brands. It may seem like they are a good value given the quantity for price, but I do not recommend them despite the slightly lower cost. Hope this review helps!

Pinson, AL


Equate (Walmart) Panty Liners - Long

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