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Dental Floss
Equate (Walmart) Floss Picks

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Silly product


I really do not understand the point of this product. I used way more of these trying to get one thing out of a tooth than if I would have just used regular dental floss! I think these were created to be easy but they are not! I find using regular floss to be much easier and efficient! Just buy regular floss!



Equate gives you the same quality for less money.


Equate Floss Picks are better than the other brands of dental floss picks simply because it is always cheaper. Equate floss picks work just as good at getting stuff out of your teeth as any other dental floss pick. I like the floss picks better thatn just plain dental floss because with plain dental floss you waste more floss than you use to wrap it around your fingers so you can use it. Waxed floss is the worst since it slips out of your grip more easily, you end up wasting more of it so you can wrap it around your fingers and not lose hold of it. Floss picks are much better since you do not need to hold the floss at all the pick does that for you. Usually one pick is good enough to clean between all your teeth but it can break but luckily unlike plain floss the floss from the pick almost never gets stuck in your teeth. Nothing seems more ridiculous than using floss to get floss out of your teeth. So use these picks to get your teeth clean, it works better to keep the dentist away more than any apple.

Suffolk, VA


Equate (Walmart) Floss Picks

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