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Equate (Walmart) Daily Regenerating Cleanser

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I was disappointed with Equate's Regenerating Cleanser.


Equate Daily Regenerating Cleanser is and okay product, though it isn't one I would buy, or use regularly. There are little granules in it that feel very good and invigorating, but to use it every day as the product's title suggests can be extremely irritating to my skin. Perhaps my skin is just sensitive, but with prolonged use my face got very tender and reddened easily. It didn't feel fresh, or good. Just sore. I have dry sensitive skin normally and would not recommend this for anyone with comparable skin. Effectiveness I would have to say this facial scrub exfoliates well, or perhaps too well. It felt good the first time I used it, but to use Equate facial cleanser regularly is too much for delicate facial skin. Ease of Application Just squeeze a little bit out of the tube, rub it between your fingers and you are ready to scrub your face. That's how easy it is to use. Scent Though this product didn't work well in living up to my expectations, I have to say that it smelled very good.



Average Results for Low Price


This product works well at cleansing, but I am not so sure about the regenerating side of things. However, it is a low price, and it is worth the money that it costs. Effectiveness This product is very effective at cleansing the skin. On that side, I do like it. But I have not seen "regenerating" effects from this product. If I am going to pay more for a product for regenerating effects, then I want to see strong and definite results. I have been disappointed that I did not see better results on the regenerating side of things. Ease of Application This cleanser is very easy to use, and the container is very portable. It is easy to take with me, and easy to use on the road. Scent The scent of this product is rather light and nice. I do not like most scented body washes and cleansers since the smell is so strong and overpowering. This product is unscented, which is very appealing to me. It leaves a fresh and clean scent that is light and pleasant.



Equate (Walmart) Daily Regenerating Cleanser

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