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Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

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Cheap soap


The Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is not a very good body wash if you are looking for something to take care of your skin and treat it well. Although it works okay as a general soap, the Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash is just a cheap product that does not help your skin be hydrated and smooth. It has an extremely low price, which is the only redeeming quality that it has. Effectiveness The Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash gets your body clean, but it is very harsh on the skin. It leaves my body's skin feeling tough and dry. No matter how much lotion I put on afterwards, I cannot get the harsh feeling off of my skin and get it to be smooth and soft, which is what I would prefer. Scent The Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash does not really have much of a scent at all. It just has a general clean, soapy odor that lingers throughout the day for a little bit very faintly.



About as good as the Dove name brand.


I absolutely love Dove products. I have tried almost every single one of them I have come across. Sometimes when I'm short on money I'll go with the off-brands of items. I have tried the Equate Daily Moisturizing Body Wash and I honestly think it performs almost equally. The Equate copy cat of the Dove body wash comes in a similar bottle. It has the same scent as the name-brand. It smells really good and is refreshing when you use it. It is a little more runny when compared to Dove but that is the only difference I have observed. It lathers well and rinses clean without leaving a weird film on your skin. Your skin feels more moisturized when you get out of the shower, which is GREAT for those of us with dry skin. With continued use I notice my skin keeps moisturized longer throughout the day. I highly recommend this product if you want an equivalent to Dove but at a lower cost! It's great for moisturizing dry skin and smells great!



Good for the Money


This product is cheaper than most name brand alternatives, and it seems to work as effectively as the more expensive name brands. All around, it provides the most bang for the buck, as it gives a good effective value at a reduced rate. Personally, I would recommend this product over most of the alternatives. Effectiveness On the cleaning side, this body wash does a fine job of removing dirt and body oil, leaving one feeling fresh and clean after a shower. On the moisturizing side, this body wash does a good job of helping moisturize skin while not leaving the greasy or oily feeling that many other moisturizing lotions can leave. Even living in a dry desert, this body wash still gives moisturizes and helps prevent dry and cracking skin. Scent The scent on this moisturizing body wash is simply a clean dry scent, not an overpowering scent, but much more pleasant than most scented body washes.



Not a favorite of mine


Earlier in the year when I was having issues with dry skin and an skin dermatitis, the doctor recommended I use a moisturizing body wash to help with the hydration in my skin. Well, I love me my fun, scented shower gels, but I figured if the doctor recommended it, I should probably use it. I was going to buy the name brand that she had suggested, but I noticed that the store brand (Equate) was much cheaper. I have used Equate brand medication, as well as other items from their collection, so I know it always pretty close to the name brand, but at a fraction of the cost. My first shower I squeezed it into the loofa sponge and lathered away. At least, I tried to; the product seemed to have no lather to it. I figured that maybe it was too thick for the sponge so I applied with my hands, and had pretty much the same result-very little lather. I assume a moisturizing product is going to have some lather to it, but this just felt kind of clumpy, didn't seem to break down well when watered, and just wasn't really my cup of tea. I used it until my skin issues cleared up, but now I keep it in a closet and will only pull it out if I have another skin dryness concern. Otherwise, in the closet it will stay.

Chicago, IL


It was horrible!


i usually buy dove but my sister got me this one thinking i would appreciate that it costs less. i wasnt able to enjoy my shower! it doesnt lather well and for some reason it feels like goo would if i mixed it with water!but to be honest i think the title of it was "equate cool moisturizing body wash". i absolutely hate it and will never recommend it to any one.

Converse, TX


Equate (Walmart) Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

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