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Conditioner for Chemically-Treated Hair
Equate (Walmart) Color Protector Conditioner

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Seems Pretty Good


This color protecting conditioner seems like a pretty good deal for the money. It works well as a conditioner, and it also does well at protecting the color of the hair. Combining its effectiveness with its low price makes it a good deal that is worth looking into. Effectiveness On the color protecting side of things, this conditioner does well at protecting hair, at least in my experience. I have not had any problems with changing or losing color when I have used this conditioner. On the conditioner side, this product also seems to work well for me. I usually take good care of my hair otherwise, so I don't necessarily need a strong conditioner. If one is using a hair coloring method that damages the hair extensively, this conditioner may not be as effective at protecting and helping the hair stay healthy. Scent This conditioner has a mild and pleasant smell that is not overpowering in any way. It is much better than the scented kinds that can be rather overwhelming.



Equate (Walmart) Color Protector Conditioner

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