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Equate Ultra Hold Hair Spray

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Downsides Outweigh Benefits


On the positive side, this hairspray is relatively cheap, so I appreciate being able to save money. Also, it is extremely powerful at holding hair in place, so it can be very effective, especially for the person who has hard-to-control hair and needs something very strong. But to me personally, the negative downsides of this product outweigh the positives. For one, this hairspray comes out extremely sticky. After having it in the hair for a short time, it leaves the hair feeling extremely sticky and gross. Through extended use, it also seems to damage the hair instead of leaving it healthy and strong. Another aspect of the stickiness that I do not like is the damage it can cause when using the product. Since it is a spray can, it inevitably sprays extra hair spray that settles on the surfaces of the area where it is used, whether counters, doorknobs, or anything else in the area. This hairspray leaves those surfaces extremely sticky and dirty, and it seems to wear on some of the finishes as well. To me, I cannot recommend this product based on these downsides.




Equate Ultra Hold Hair Spray--spray once and NOT done


I guess you could say I'm having a bad hairspray day. I usually just pull my hair back with a barrette and a ponytail and head out the door, but at times I do apply hairspray, especially if I'm going to be working at the hospital. I usually pick up the cheapest brand I can find that does not have a strong smell since I work with cancer patients. Well, this **Equate Ultra Hold hairspray** does work and does not have a strong smell, but it usually will not come out of the bottle. It has a pump on top and is non-aerosol. The first spray goes well. After that, I am out of luck. I have to wait about a minute before it will spray another time. Wait another minute for a third spray and so on. It reminds me of those irritating sinks where you have to push down on a lever to get the water to run and then it stops as soon as you start to get your hands wet. **My Viewpoint:** I think this **Equate Ultra Hold Hairspray** would be a good product if the pump worked properly. If you can get all the hairspray you need with one squirt, I've got the bottle for you.


Piedmont, NC


Equate Ultra Hold Hair Spray

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