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Equate Suphedrine PE Allergy & Sinus Medicine

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Pretty Good for a Low Price


This product is pretty effective, and being the Equate brand, it does not cost as much as the competition. Combining low price with good effectiveness makes it a pretty good deal. Effectiveness For me personally, this works quite well for relieving various allergy symptoms, especially in the sinuses. It works about as well as the equivalent alternatives from more expensive name brands. Ease of Use These are very easy to take. Personally I have never had any problem actually using the product, and I have never had any negative side effects. Side effects and allergic reactions can vary from person to person, so warnings and directions should certainly be read carefully and heeded. Immediacy This product works about as quickly as can be expected for this type of medication. Some may wish for faster results, but personally, I have not found an equivalent that gave faster results (although I certainly would have liked them).



Equate Suphedrine PE does NOT work


At some point in the state of GA (and other states), someone decided that it was too easy to buy medicine and make other (illegal) things out of it. When they did this, they put the REAL Suphedrine behind the pharmacy counter and you had to sign or it. At the same time (or soon thereafter), It must have stopped selling as well so they came out with this version of sinus medicine that you do not have to sign for (it sits on the shelf with all the other medicines). As far as I'm concerned, you might as well drink water because it will help just as much as this medicine does. The Equate Suphedrine PE does nothing! It doesn't change how your sinuses feel at all! This product is a waste of money. I guess it must work for someone but I have not met anyone that it helps. I will continue to show my drivers license and sign for the REAL (regular) Equate Suphedrine because the PE version is a rip off!

Dallas, GA


Equate Suphedrine PE Allergy & Sinus Medicine

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