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Equate Saline Nasal Spray

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Quality, Low Budget Saline Spray!


Equate's premium saline nasal spray is a must have for any individual that suffers from seasonal nasal drying or sinus problems. I have both of those problems to be exact. In the winter my nasal cavities will dry out so much that my nose will bleed constantly and I will be miserable. What you can do to remedy this is drink lots of water and take Equate nasal spray! This premium saline nasal spray is perfect for moisturizing dry nasal passages and can ease a lot of sinus tension and pressure related to allergies or mucus. (at least for me!) As a little testimonial, once I started using this product when I had so many nose bleeds from my nasal cavities being so dry, my nose bleeds suddenly stopped with continued use of this premium saline spray. Once I stopped using the nasal spray, my nose began to bleed again because it became dry again. So Equate's premium saline nasal spray really does work! I highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers from stuff sinus passages or a dry nose.



Equate Saline Nasal Spray is Inexpensive and it Works


If you have sinus problems like mine, then you are always on the lookout for a new solution to the problem. I will try just about anything to get my sinuses unclogged and there are times when only the strongest, most potent sinus spray will do the trick. But other times, I have found that a little moisture is all I need and it is then that I turn to Equate Nasal Saline Spray. Nasal Spray Facts and Figures: Equate Nasal Saline Spray is a simple, easy to use product that doesn't sting or irritate in any way. The reason is because the product is nothing more than a small, 1.5 ounce bottle of saline solution. There are no drugs in this product and its only use is to moisten the nasal passages and help break up sinus congestion in the process. Equate Nasal Saline Spray is dispensed by pumping a few times in each nostril and one thing I like about this product is that it doesn't burn the nasal passages. The drug- enhanced nasal sprays cause a burning sensation that is sometimes so intense, it discourages some people from using the spray. There is no such problem with Equate Nasal Saline Spray because it is nothing more than salt and water. The saline solution comes in contact with congestion and helps to break it down slowly, but surely, and restores free breathing. Bottom Line Viewpoint: I usually resort to the big guns when I have a bad bout with sinus problems, but I know that, sometimes, a little moisture is all it takes to break up the congestion and open the sinus passages. Equate Nasal Saline Spray offers exactly that- a little bit of moisture and nothing else, for a low price. It works well when your sinus problems are minimal and its drug free formula is non- addictive and safe for everyday use. Effectiveness This product is a good one for general congestion relief and it is drug free Ease of Use This product is very easy to use with little more to do than aim and spray. Immediacy This product works very quickly because it is sprayed directly into the nasal passages.

Houston, TX


Great nasal spray, don't waste money elsewhere


I was originally hesitant to use this product because the use requires that you literally spray something up your nose, something with which I wasn't totally comfortable. This product was really effective and I was glad that I used it. It was a very cheap remedy for annoying nasal problems and works with immediate results. The most effective way I've found to use it is to lean your head back and spray the bottle horizontally. When I tried simply spraying upward, I got a lot of water splashing back on me which was gross. Be prepared for some drips when you pick your head up but it really is worth it. The best part is that it deals with your symptoms without interfering with any other medicines and it's completely safe for all ages. It is important that you keep it clean because you're dealing with mucus and repeatedly introducing it to an area where you'd be susceptible for re-infection and extending the illness. Definitely recommend it!

Hamden, CT


Equate Saline Nasal Spray Helped Stop My Nose Bleeds


Equate Nasal Saline Spray helped stop my constant nose bleeds after 3 days of constant use. Every winter I suffer from constant nose bleeds when the drying heat is on in our home, even though we have a humidifier. After conferring wtih my doctor about this problem, he suggested I use a saline nasal spray several times a day and I choose to buy Equate Nasal Saline Spray due to the low price as compared with other brands. I found Equate Nasal Saline Spray adequate enough to solve my nose bleeding problem so I did not try any other brand. I carry Equate Nasal Saline Spray with me when I go out as my nose bleeds do not just happen inside my home and the small size was convenient to carry in my purse or a pants pocket.  My opinion and experience is that it is a good product for a reasonable price, easy to find in any Wal-Mart anywhere. It is not a habit forming drug, is gentle on the nose and easy to use.

Mountain City, TN


Equate Saline Nasal Spray is Inexpensive & Won't Dry Nose


**Equate Saline Nasal Spray** is basically salt water for the nose. I believe it also contains a preservative called phenylcarbinol. This nasal spray comes in a 1.5 ounce bottle and the packaging mentions that it should not be shared between people. It should be discarded after an infection clears because germs from the infection can be harbored in and on the bottle. **What I like about Equate Saline Nasal Spray:** - It is inexpensive. - It can help clear out nasal passages, as long as they are not too swollen. - It tends to be safe and free of side effects. - It comes in a fairly large bottle. **What I don't like about Equate Saline Nasal Spray:** - It won't clear up a sinus infection, but it can help to clear some of the infection out of the nose. - It won't decrease swelling in the nose. - The relief tends to be short lived if you have an infection going on. - If you nose is severely swollen, you might have a difficult time getting any nasal spray in your nose. - The packaging is a bit strange. It says that if you hold it upright, it will deliver a spray. I agree. If you hold it horizontally, you'll get a stream. I agree. Well, it says if you hold it upside down, you'll get a drop. I figured I'd check that out since I'm writing a review. I held the bottle upside down and got way more than a drop all over my pants. I wouldn't recommend that experiment--just take my word for it. **My Viewpoint:** Saline nasal spray can be quite helpful for dry nasal passages and I have found it to be somewhat helpful in preventing sinusitis. Many cultures regularly use a neti pot and wash out the sinuses every day, sort of like brushing the teeth and taking a shower. People who have sinus problems may benefit from regularly washing out the sinuses, and this is a quick and easy way to do that. Saline doesn't tend to dry the nose like some other nasal sprays. It also costs a LOT less than many of the OTC and prescription nasal sprays out there.

Piedmont, NC


Equate Saline Nasal Spray

4.0 5