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Equate Pro Vitamin conditioner

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Above Average Results


For me personally, this conditioner gives above average results. It is somewhat better than a regular conditioner, so if someone is looking for one of the best options, then it is a good deal, since it is a relatively low price. But for me personally, even though the results are above average, they aren't so good that they justify spending more on a separate conditioner. Personally, I would rather stick with the Equate 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. Spending a single amount on shampoo and conditioner comes out cheaper than spending more on them separately. For me, I would rather spend less for slightly lower results. However, this product is worth the price if someone is looking to buy a separate conditioner. Effectiveness This product does give me above average results for a conditioner. It is still slightly below the equivalent name brand alternative, but it is above the average conditioner. Scent This product gives a fresh and clean scent that is very pleasant.



I liked Equate twice as much as Pantene, given the value


Look, I HAVE to treat my hair with kid gloves. I don't WANT to. But I was almost completely gray by the time I was twenty-five, and trust me, the novelty wears way off. So in 2000, on a whim and without knowing wehat I was doing, I bleached it platinum-ish. Oddly, it looked okay. Better than okay, it actually passed for something resembling a young person's hair. Wow. Even Dad liked it, and Dad was an Andy Griffith, Brylcream sort of guy. Finding the right shampoo was difficult, because bleaching it tore it up something awful. I used a lot of pricey products before setling on Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and conditioner. When I discovered the Equate version, I was skeptical, but also poor. So I switched. It really is a terrific shampoo, and roughly half what I used to pay. I wash my hair a lot. Even before bed, because I don't want to wake up with stinky pillow, not ever. this stuff works, without turning me bald, or flaky. It even makes it possible to walk out the door without conditioning it every day - though many days I do anyhow, with Equate's version of Pantene's Conditioner for color treated and damaged hair. It's good stuff. Seriously.

Smyrna, GA


Not effective!


As a very budget conscious mom with long thick hair, I naturally lean toward the less expensive options in hair care products. Therefore, instead of going for the Pantene Pro-V conditioner, I went for the Equate equivilant. In the long run, it would have been just as well to buy Pantene. Equate Pro-Vitamin Conditioner is so thin that it takes double the amount to condition my thick, curly long hair. It also tended to run off of my hand in the shower, so I lost it down the drain. Alhough the price is good for this conditioner, it's not really a valuable product because of having to use more. I quickly switched back to my other favorite products after trying this one out. I prefer brands like Pantene and Garnier Fructis, which if gotten on sale or using coupons make up the savings of trying to buy a generic product like the Equate conditioner. I'm a fan of generics, but in this case I recommend passing it by.

Big Sandy, TX


Pro Vitamin is my hair saver


i am a long time fan and user of a popular expensive hair conditioner and would buy NOTHING else but my trusted brand. then the hard times most of us are experencing these days started affecting what i buy at the grocery store, i had to stop buying my trusted brand and switch to the cheepiest one,,,,,,well i hated it, it left my hair like a steel scrubbing pad. then i noticed a brand that my store put out itself ,it was only a little more than what the cheep stuff was so i tried it.  it worked great! you have to leave it in your hair like 5 min. before rinsing, but what a difference!  Pro Vitimin comes in the same size bottle and shape as my trusted brand but i saved so much money. there are also other types of rinse for other types of hair. i have not tried them so i can not tell you how they work.



Equate Pro Vitamin conditioner

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