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Equate Premium Plastic Tampons

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I would not buy this product again


The grip on these sucks. Also, this was my first time using them and I will never use them again. I had to stop using them the second day because of extreme discomfort. I broke out in a rash!!!! I'm so upset. I immediately threw them in the trash. Never again. Just take them off the shelf.

Monroe, LA


Very Annoyed


I am very annoyed with the new style Equate Plastic ApplicatorTtampons. You cannot get a good grip on the applicator to insert the tampon. Why did you get rid of the Super/Super Plus in the Red/Purple wrappers? They worked so well. Now we have the flimsy plastic with the gold and green wrappers. Believe me, there is a huge difference. Bring back the old version please or I will be moving onto a new brand!!!!!!!!11

Chippewa Falls, WI


Equate tampons are terrible and too cheaply made


I figured I'd give Equate a shot in the Feminine Hygene world. Thought If I'd like them it'd be a win-win situation because I'd save money too. Thought maybe they'd be similar to brand-name ones. Boy was I ever wrong! These are so cheap they aren't worth the time they take to grab them off the shelf!! First off, the applicator is *really hard to hang on to* and is hard to get started, so half the time it doesn't work right and you have to try *with a second one* (there goes the itty bit of money savings, eh?). Second, they seem too long, so unless you get it to go in perfectly and far enough (these are hard to get right anyway), you *will feel it* the entire time, and it will be really uncomfortable. Not being in far enough also means they're much more prone to leakage. **Save yourself from a headache, and *don't buy these*! **You r*eally won't save any money *if you use them, because you'll be re-doing most of them since the first time around it won't go in properly, plus you'll feel like you have to change them a lot quicker so they don't leak. One other thing..*** yeast infections**.* I had never gotten a yeast infection before in my life, until I used these. Got an infection real bad once and couldn't figure out why, until a couple months later when I started to get another infection. I switched to another brand to see if that's what it was, and the problem went away. Tried Equate several other times as well, and if I'm not super careful, I start to get a yeast infection again.

Hanover, PA


Equate Premium Plastic Tampons

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