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Equate Nursery Jelly Baby Fresh Scent

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Baby fresh scent!


Equate Nursery Jelly: Baby Fresh Scent When I quit my job to be a stay-at-home-mom we had to cut corners as best we could which included trying the generic brand of many products. There were many products that were not satisfactory but this was one that I permanently switched to. I purchased this for the first time last winter when we were going through tub after tub of petroleum jelly for my son's dry skin. I tried the Equate brand and it worked the same as the more expensive brand and the baby fresh scent was almost identical. The baby fresh scent of generic items can smell less appealing than other brands I have found, but this is not the case with Equate Nursery Jelly. I use the product for myself now too since I realized how moisturing it was for my son. It keeps dry skin in check during cold, dry weather. There is an added fragrance to create the baby fresh scent so if your baby or child is sensitive to additives you should keep an eye out for break outs and irritated areas. We tried this out on a small area of his leg to make sure he wasn't sensitive to the ingredients fo the fragrance which had been the case with other products. The price is also much less than the brand name.  

Joplin, MO


Equate Nursery Jelly Baby Fresh Scent

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