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Nicotine Lozenges
Equate Nicotine Lozenges

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Equate 4mg Nicotine Lozenges are an excellent value.


I found that using the Equate brand of nicotine lozenge, is affordable and effective. You get the result of bringing nicotine into your body, without the harmful effects of bringing smoke into your lungs. To be effective, you must follow the directions on reducing the dosage over time, or you will find yourself addicted to the lozenge.

Salisbury, NC


Equate has the best price for a terrible product


It will allow you to stop smoking, but in I really think these are just as bad. At first you tremble all the time and feel jittery and ill while you get used to so much more nicotine than you were getting from smoking a pack a day for 25 years. Quickly you find yourself craving the lozenge instead of the cigarette. I find that I rapidly experience an absolute rage that I never felt if I went a few hours without a smoke.  I can not go back to sleep at night without one if I wake and wake I do about ever 3 hours...Never happend with cigarettes. Ruining my teeth very quickly too, and leaves sores on my gums and in my cheeks. They make nothing less than 2mg either so there is no way to go down to 1mg or .5 mg or even have some 0mg ones to easy you off of them. Worse than cigarettes? Probably not.  Wish I had never seen them. Absolutely.  Check commit addiction online.  You will see horror stories. Please consider just going cold turkey.  I has to be better than this.

Phelan, CA


Equate Nicotine Lozenges helped me more than anything


I had smoked over 30 years, and never wanted to quit.  Like another poster, I had no desire to quit.  It was such a social thing with me.  Sitting outside with coffee or tea, and smoking cigarettes while my  friends and I chatted.  But, I started waking up every morning with a headache.  Sometimes I could get rid of it, and sometimes I couldn't. The headaches were severe, and I had to take prescription medication for them.  I thought the headaches surely came from my smoking, and after a year of sick headaches every day, I knew I had to quit smoking.  I really think my success was due to the Equate Nicotine Lozenges.  I personally like the cherry flavored ones.  As a matter of fact, I like them too much.  I quit smoking in January of this year, but, I'm still using the lozenges.  I am as addicted to them as I was to cigarettes.  They work great; I only wish I had quit using them when I was supposed to.  Read the directions if you do use these.  You are supposed to taper off of them.

Yukon, OK


Equate lozenges were the only thing that worked for me.


  Equate lozenges are truly a godsend. As someone who smoked for over 30 years, I had tried nicotine patches,nicotine gum and other smoking cessation therapies. I ended up being allergic to the patches and gum. I  have not smoked in over 2 years now and highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about quitting.

Gillette, WY


Equate 4mg Nicotine Lozenges. Smoke free after 15 Years


     Considering that I was addcted to cigarettes for 15 Years of my life, I decided that it was an excellent time to quit.  With strong willpower and some of these 4mg equate nicotine lozenges, I was able to curb the smoking once and for all..THese are just like the nicorettes and in fact 1 lozenge will lasted me three sessions.     I would recommend that if you were to quit the nasty smoking habit you substitute these for you cigarette cravings.  If you really need a cigarette, don;t have one.  Find something else that you need to do.  " You do not need a cigarette "     People have a tendancy to live in the moment, if you can get rid of all your withdrawel sympoms within 1 - 2 weeks and it cost you a few boxes of these it is worth it.  You need to realize that the pain you put yourself through to get yourself off of cigarettes is well worth the amount of pain that YOU WILL put yourself through.  You need to change your habit of smoking,  from there you will need to just deal with changing you lozenges out for Ricola.

Jordan, NY


I didn't think anything would help me...


**   I had smoked for about 22 years; since I was 20 years old. I had no desire to quit and was fully willing to face whatever illnesses smoking leads to in old age. However, my new boyfriend is not willing to have me die befor my time. He lovingly insisted that I stop smoking and offered several wonderful incentives. So, on November 20, 2009, I smoked my last cigarette and bought Equate brand 4 mg nicotine lozenges. I am on my 3rd or 4th box of 108 lozenges now (can't recall). The price is LOW when compared to other brands and a carton of smokes. lol They taste great and they actually work for me. ** **I honestly have no desire to stop smoking so I NEED the lozenges to work. I'm doing this for love not for myself. But the nicotine these provide is holding me back from lighting up. ** **If you need to stop smoking but really don't want to, give these a try. They should help keep the cravings away. Also, I have found no side effects from them. I did thoroughly read the instructions and I suggest you do exactly as they state. The instructions say that you shouldn't suck on them and swallow too much because they may cause hicoughs(hiccups). Silly me. I didn't believe it so I wanted to "see" what would happen. Well, I did get hicoughs and a scratchy throat. Ooops.** **Good luck! Best bargain/value I've found! **

Elyria, OH


Equate Nicotine Lozenges

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