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Nicotine Gum
Equate Nicotine Gum Mint

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Equate Nicotine Gum Mint is a great alternative to smoking


Compared to the name brand nicotine gum the equate mint nicotine gum is better hands down. I noticed that you get the same affects and nicotine dosage as the other. This product also costs a considerable amount less so if you are on a budget then I would highly recommend this product.



this is how i quit for good!


I tried numerous methods, & on my own, & this is how I quit after 26 yrs of smoking. The gum was pleasent tasting & really satisfied my craving for the Nicotene. It was easy to wean myself off of the gum from chewing the alloted amt per day, down to 1 piece to none over a few months time frame. Price wise, alot cheaper than the name brands & it worked for me, so that's what matters & I recommended this to several people that I know that was tryin to quit.

Canton, OH


When you need it, it works.


I realize the most cost-effective way to deal with my nicotine addiction would be to go cold turkey and use nothing, but if, like me, you're not there yet, this product is a relatively cheap alternative. It's significantly less expensive than brand names, like Nicorette, and has the same effect. The mint gum has a pleasant taste, the texture is nice, and it does satisfy nicotine cravings. The downside? It does nothing to eliminate nicotine addiction -- I'm no longer addicted to cigarettes, but I'm now addicted to nicotine gum!

Indianapolis, IN


Equate Nicotine Gum Mint

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