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Moisturizing Shampoo
Equate Nature's Addition Moisture Control Shampoo

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Not Sure About Moisture Control


Based largely on the effectiveness that I have seen for myself when using this product, I would stay away from this product. It's not bad, it's just not better than other cheaper alternatives that I have tried. Effectiveness For regular hair washing, this shampoo works pretty well. It does clean and remove grease and oil from hair, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. But on the moisturizing side, it doesn't seem to help me. Certainly different people have different results, so it may work well for some. But for me personally, I haven't seen the moisturizing effects that I would like to see. I would rather pay a little bit less for a regular shampoo that gives me the same results than pay a little more for this one and only get the same results. Scent The scent is pleasant and light instead of too strong and overpowering. Instead of overwhelming ones olfactory senses, it simply pleases them.



Equate Nature's Addition Moisture Control Shampoo

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