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Equate Mouthwash

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Not impressed with this mouthwash.


I was less than impressed with the Equate Mouthwash. We have tried all different kinds of mouthwashes looking for the perfect one for our family. The Equate Mouthwash is supposed to be comparable to Scope but I do not believe it is anywhere near as good as Scope. I try to save money where ever I can for my family so we can afford other things so I thought lets try this it is supposed to be just as good as the brand we normally use. It does not leave your mouth feeling as clean as it should and it does not leave your breath as fresh as I would prefer. The mint flavor is not as strong or as lasting as some other brands. I have tried all different things in the Wal-Mart brand and they were just as good as the name brand but this one falls short on that front. I would not recommend buying this instead of your normal brand that you trust and like. I went back to buying Scope and I do not believe we even finished the bottle. And we do not like to waste anything. With our personal experience of this mouthwash it falls short on many fronts and it was a big let down to our family.



Gets the Job Done


The Equate mouthwash works well enough. I bought the Green Mint flavor about a month ago and use it most days. I have noticed that I do have less plaque buildup when I use it verses using nothing. It also helps to get more food particles out of my teeth than just swishing with water. The mouthwash does leave a pretty harsh alcohol aftertaste, but it goes away quickly and then leaves my mouth feeling clean. I can eat again within 10 minutes of using the mouthwash without my food tasting weird. Both my husband and I use mouthwash after biting our tongues or the inside of our cheeks to help them heal, and find the Equate mouthwash does not really help to heal them faster. It does help to numb the area well for about 30 minutes. I probably will buy the equate mouthwash again in the future in a different flavor, but if another brand is close in price I would go with the other brand.



Very refreshing!


I think that Equate Green Mint Mouthwash is a wonderful product! I like it just as much as any of the more expensive mouthwashes. It makes my mouth feel very refreshed and clean. It even has a nice and fresh scent,very minty. The flavor and scent are just right and not too strong. The price is perfect because it is one of the many budget price Equate products. I have purchased this mouthwash for a long time and it really does a great job for me. I think many people buy a certain mouthwash product just because of the name and they don't mind paying a much higher price. I honestly think that this is a very high quality product and I will certainly continue to purchase it for a very long time.I like to feel that my mouth and breath are quite clean fresh and that the effect will last for hours during the day. It is best though if you do use it several times a day after you brush your teeth or even between if you feel that you need it.



Equate Mouthwash

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