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Body Wash
Equate Moisturizing Body Wash

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An instance where a generic is not as good as the brand name.


I purchased this body wash during a time when my family was going through some financial problems. I was looking for something that would work as well as the name brands and the bottle claimed that it was just as good. I have purchased items before that work just as well, so I was hopeful. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed quickly. This product's scent is not near as good as the brand name and it does not stick around as well either. It is much less moisturizing than the name brand as well. My skin still felt dried out after using this product. The price is very nice, but continuing to use this product when it does not do anything for my skin just seemed silly to me. I did finish out the bottle, because of the financial situation, but the problems did not get any better and I have never purchased it again. Effectiveness This product was not very effective. There was another reason that I forgot to state above was that this body wash left a residue on my skin. I did not feel fully clean after using this product and that is another reason that I stopped using this body wash.



Very good body wash at a very good price.


Leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized. Effectiveness Very good at getting me clean without leaving residue or drying out my skin. Scent It has a very mild scent, so at the end of my shower my skin has a pleasant scent.

Bountiful, UT


Love Equate Moisturizing Body Wash with shea butter and vitamins


I have been using this product for years.  I have very sensitive dry skin and I always feel better after using this product.  The scent is pleasant and feels good on my skin and leaves me feeling soft.  My husband Loves the way my skin feels.  I love this product for that reason and knowing that I didnt have to sell the farm or house to buy it is a definate plus.  I am a generic shopper by heart but will only buy what I know works for the stated purpose.  This product is great and worth the cost in every sense of the word.  My skin is very prone to hives and this product does not aggrevate it in any way.  As a matter of fact it is one of the only products I can use on my skin that does not make me break out in hives.  I love this product and will continue to use it forever.  The cost is considerabally reduced because of it being generic but same ingredients listed on back so if you have to spend money why not save a little when your getting same product for less money.

Williamstown, NJ


it sucks!!! and burns


I used this product, thinking it was for senstive skin,and thought it was compared to dove. Not so true, I first tried this product about a month ago. When I first used it it burned my gential area, and also broke my skin out. I thought it was for senstive skin, yea right!!!. I stopped using it for two months, to see if it was possibly something else bothering me. Well  I recently used it today because I forgot why I stopped using it, and ran out of soap. I went to wash,and it burned the hell out of my gentials. It took over five minutes to get my body back to normal. I don't recommend this body wash to anyone. Especially women, and people with senstive skin.

Griffin, GA


Equate Moisturizing body wash leaves my skin soft and moist.


Equate Moisturizing body wash with shea butter and vitamins smells good. My skin has a soft sensation after taking a shower. It is generic but it is as good as the name brand body wash. Awesome! It is a great body wash and I would use it over and over again. It is affordable. It is as good as the leading name bradn body wash. i'm a bargain shopper and love it when I get a good deal. I like to get the most out of my money and this body wash really enable me to that. It is great. It has a great smell. I love it it. I recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable great smelling and awesome body wash. Equate Moisturizing body wash with shea butter and vitamins is definitely the way to go. I will keep using it. I haven't had any problems with it so far. It leaves my skin soft and supple and it also leaves me smelling great. I recommend it to everyone. It is affordable, thick and creamy and it is super awesome!

Ames, IA


Equate Moisturizing Body Wash

3.8 5