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Equate Laxative pills

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These really work without the high cost of name brands.


I developed a chronic constipation problem due to all the medications my doctor put me on for a chronic illness. All of the meds caused the constipation. Not finding any relief with fiber pills, stool softeners, etc., I turned to the Equate Laxative Pills. They worked wonderfully! Whenever I have a problem instead of spending more for a name brand, I go to these pills. They have always been reliable and effective. Never had a problem with them. With the high cost of medications, over the counter meds shouldn't have to be so expensive. I'm thankful to Equate Laxative pills for making them work for someone like me and making them so affordable.  I have tried all the over the counter laxative pills, but the expense was way too much. Equate not only makes good over the counter medications, but remembers the consumers need a break in the price department. I will continue to purchase Equate Laxative Pills for as long as I have a chronic problem.

Dothan, AL


Equate Laxative pills

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