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Equate Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

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Better than expected.


As everything I use on my kids, I researched it a little bit first. Its components are safe according to EWG. I found one user who recommended rubbing it after spraying, to get a more uniform result. So i went ahead and tried it. First the kids were out on the scorching Chilean sun for about 45 minutes, with no problems at all. Then we reached the 2 hours marks, again, everything OK. Just to play safe, I only sprayed them on their bodies, using SPF50+ lotion for their faces. So in short, great product at a very convenient price. Pros: easy to use, not too oily, dries immediately, protects according to its rating. Cons: scent is a little strong and persistent, and you miss the skin moistening feeling you get with lotions.

Norcross, GA


Use a lotion or get the name brand spray!


This spray was a great price but was a glaring example of the old adage "you get what you pay for". The spray was more a watery oil where I was expecting a spray lotion like the name brands. In Equate's defense though, it doesn't say "spray lotion" anywhere on the package. The spray did come out uniformly, but it was too watery to spray on my hands and then put on my son's face like I am used to. I also was NOT impressed with how long it lasted. My son and I were burned with the hour, so obviously it didn't soak in as well as the other brands or something. All in all, I would NOT recommend this unless you plan on putting it on every thirty minutes. You'll end up spending just as much as if you bought some other brand, because you'll have to be using it twice as often at least! My real suggestion though would be to suck it up and use a lotion so you know you are getting enough on and not breathing in the chemicals and getting it everywhere.

Dacula, GA


Equate Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

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