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Equate Island Spring Antibacterial Body Wash

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Good Value Antibacterial Family Body Wash


Equate Island Spring Antibacterial Body Wash is an overall good liquid soap for the family. It has a nice fragrance and does not dry out my skin. It also costs less than the name brand body washes and works just as well. Effectiveness This body wash does clean well. It lathers up very good, smells refreshing, and does not leave my skin feeling tight, dry or with any residue. I mainly use this soap in the humid summer months when I want to be as clean as possible. However, I do find that if I use this everyday that my skin breaks out with eczema. That said, I only use this soap on the most humid of summer days. This is an antibacterial soap that helps to kill the bacteria on your underarms and that in turn allows my deodorant to work effectively at keeping me fresh smelling all day. This is also a good body wash to use after a workout. Scent The scent of this body wash is light and refreshing. It is a noticeable scent but not too strong or like a heavy perfume The scent does not linger on your skin for long after you shower.



Good for the Price


Personally, I would recommend this product. It is very effective at what it is designed to do, and being an Equate brand (typically available at Walmart), it is also cheaper than most of the equivalent alternatives. Combining its effectiveness with its low cost makes it a good deal. Effectiveness This body wash is very effective. It lathers up the way that I like it, and it works great at cleaning and removing dirt and grime from the body while taking a shower. The antibacterial aspect seems to help remove germs, although it is hard to perform any kind of a home test to measure how effective it is at actually killing germs. For me personally, it also leaves my skin feeling somewhat moist instead of dry and cracking, which is always a good thing in the desert where I live. Scent This does not have a specific scent, but those kind of shampoos with a specific scent are often far to strong and overpowering, making them unpleasant. This light, fresh, and clean scent is not overpowering at all, simply pleasant to smell.



Equate Island Spring Body Wash didn't impress.


I put "body wash" on the shopping list and wasn't specific about what exactly I wanted, so my husband brought home a bottle *of Equate Island Spring Antibacterial Body Wash*. Always looking to cut costs, he decided to go with Walmart's house brand of skin care products. *Equate Antibacterial Island Spring Antibacterial Body Wash* is Walmart's generic version of Dial Clean & Refresh Antibacterial Body Wash. It is cruelty-free and not tested on animals. The Island Spring fragrance is fresh with a little hint of fruitiness. The scent is a bit girly, but it isn't too much that my husband doesn't feel comfortable using it. We've been using this *Equate Antibacterial Body Wash *for about a week now and I'm not particularly impressed with it. First of all, I don't understand the need for body wash to be antibacterial. I'm not a germophobe and I actually normally go out of my way to avoid antibacterial cleaning products. I've also noticed that even when I put a larger than normal dollop of this body wash on a mesh sponge it doesn't produce much bubbles or lather. I like to save money as much as the next person and don't have an issue using store brand products when they work as well as name brand ones. Unfortunately, this *Equate Antibacterial Body Wash* doesn't work as well as the other body washes that I usually use. I won't be buying this stuff again in the future. Effectiveness This body wash is an average product that does cleanse skin with a minimal amount of bubbles and lather. It doesn't improve the hydration of your skin in any way. Scent The scent of this product was very clean and fresh with white and green fragrance notes. Personally, I don't love it but I can use it and my husband also feels comfortable using it because the fragrance isn't "girly".

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Equate Island Spring Antibacterial Body Wash

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