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Equate Gas Relief - Extra Strength

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Pretty Good for the Price Paid


Compared to the leading name brand products, it may not be quite as good. But a little less quality can be offset by a lower price. For the average person, this probably works almost as quickly and well as any product, so it can be worth it to give up a little quality in order to pay less. For the person with serious gas problems, he probably wants to pay more to find some serious help. Effectiveness For someone with extreme problems, the extra strength does seem to be more effective than the regular stuff. For most people, this product can be effective at reducing gas problems and the uncomfortable side effects that may come with them. Ease of Use I have never used a gas relief product that was easier to use than this one. Immediacy For some that have extreme gas problems and need more immediate relief, this probably is not the best solution, as it can take a little while to start working. But for the average person with average gas issues, it probably works about as quickly for them as any other, so it is pretty good.



Perfectly effective gas relief


Equate brand gas relief pills are every bit as effective as the more expensive name brands, saving you money while still providing relief. I could not have gotten through my two c-sections without this stuff. I suffered extreme abdominal bloating and pain after both procedures and this product got me through it with no side effects and for a much lower price than Colace or other brands would have cost.



Equate Gas Relief - Extra Strength

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