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Equate Fortifying Shampoo Sleek And Shine

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Not Better than Plain Shampoo


Since this "fortifying" and "sleek and shine" shampoo can cost more money than a regular shampoo while giving the same results, I do not recommend it. I would rather pay less for a regular shampoo that gives me the same results. Effectiveness For regular hair washing, this shampoo is very effective. It removes dirt and grime from the hair, and it leaves it feeling fresh and clean rather than leaving any greasy or oily feeling. But it is advertised as a fortifying shampoo that leaves gives sleek and shine to the hair. Personally, I have not seen a significant improvement in the health and feeling of my hair through the use of this product. It does not seem to improve the health of my hair any more than a regular shampoo does that does not have these added benefits. Scent I do appreciate that this shampoo is unscented. Many scented shampoos have a very strong and overpowering smell that I find rather unpleasant. But since this one is unscented, it simply leaves a clean and fresh scent that is rather light and pleasant.



Equate Fortifying Shampoo Sleek And Shine

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