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Equate Eye Lifting Serum

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Equate eye cream works like it costs a fortune!


Equate eye cream works for me because it is easy to use, and really reduces those fine lines and wrinkles that start to show after you turn 40.  Some call them wrinkles, I say they are character lines, but you still do not want too many!  I use Equate eye cream every night and morning, it is light and greaseless, goes on easy even under makeup. I notice a difference in my eyes and the slight lines around the eye. With Equate eye cream you get the perks and benefits of the expensive brand name products without the high price tag, which really is paying for that brand name.  Don't judge the bottle by the low price, Equate is an effective eye cream that will benefit women of all ages.  Start using Equate before those lines and wrinkles appear and keep that youthful look longer.  I get compliments all the time, once I was even asked if I had a "lift", which I have not, but that shows that Equate really makes a difference!


Tallahassee, FL


Cheaper than Olay, works about the same.


This product has a chemical smell when wet.The smell dissipates after it is rubbed into skin. When I first put this product on I only did one eye. A year ago I had tried another eye lifting product and did the same thing and noticed results. After a 10 minute wait I came back to the mirror and noticed a slight difference between my "lifted" eye and my non-treated eye. The eye I put the cream around did look a little less droopy and it looked brighter. I will continue to use this until it is gone and then I might try a different product. Good results for the cost I guess. Super cheap and I like having an extra step in my anti-aging skin regiment. Thanks Equate! (I have never tried the Olay regenerist, so I cannot compare the two.) The lid snaps on and stays on. The bottle is cylindrical and easily fits in a purse or cosmetic case. The pump gives ample amount of the "serum" (which is more like a lotion) to apply. The serum is a light tan in color and easily absorbs into the skin. I used it under my eyeshadow and it did not cake or make the shadow crease. I was happy.


Kalamazoo, MI


Equate Eye Cream is the best!


I love this product. It is smooth and not greasy, and has made an improvement in the lines that were starting to form around my eye area after a few months of use. It is also free of fragrance, which I love as I am allergic to products that contain it.


Erie, CO


Love this Eye Lifting Serum


I bought this "generic" brand of Eye Lifting Serum by Equate because it was priced right!  I had run out of the expensive brand I normally use and wanted to save money but its very important to me to get rid of those puffy bags under my eyes.  And bonus!  It also moisturizes in the harsh winter weather and gets rid of the black marks under my eyes.  I like it because it's light weight and absorbs easily.  My makeup goes on over it like it's not even there and I also like that it only takes a drop to do both eyes!  Wow!  Less expensive and I use less. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for ways to cut back in these tough times.  It may cost less but it works just as good if not better than those expensive brands in the fancy packages that cost a weeks wages.  I'm all about easy too!  This stuff is easy to apply, small enough to go everywhere I go and lasts absolutely forever. You shoudl try it  


Olathe, CO


Equate Eye Lifting Serum

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