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Equate Extra Strength Anti Itch Cream

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Equate Extra Strength Anti-Itch Cream: Non-steroidal relief


Lately I've had an itching problem on my chest. When I went to my dermatologist he recommended a course of oral steroids and topical antibiotics. This calmed the itching down and allowed my chest to heal but it didn't completely treat the symptoms. I still had some flare-ups. Not wanting to prolong a treatment with steroids he recommended a hydrating medicated body wash and the application of Benedryl Cream. Essentially, Benedryl is a topical antihistamine/analgesic ( Diphenhydramine HCI) combined with Zinc Acetate. I found using it regularly brought me quick itch relief and was slowly improving the condition. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart, I came across Equate Extra Strength Anti Itch Cream. As so many Equate products, Equate Extra Strength Anti Itch Cream is a generic equivalent of Extra Strength BENADRYL® Itch Stopping Cream offered at about half the price. My prior experience with Equate products made this purchase decision a no-brainer. Everything including the mild scent of this cream was virtually the same as the Benedryl product. Using it three times a day, I'm finding it to bring me the relief I need from itching which in turn reduces the damage scratching the itch does to the affected skin. While the cream when applied is thick, it is absorbed into the skin reasonably quickly leaving a light protective film on the surface. My dermatologist has said my skin condition ( mild atopic eczema) is improving. One caution should be stated. If you're taking an oral medication containing Diphenhydramine HCI consult your physician before using either the Equate or Benedryl branded version of this medication. While I believe that Hydrocortisone Creams offer longer lasting itch relief, I don't like using them for any extended period. Equate Extra Strength Anti Itch Cream is a suitable alternative, particularly as the itching begins to subside.

Boca Raton, FL


Works great and isn't too expensive at all


I bought this anti-itch cream on a whim at Wal-Mart. I suffer from some kind of weird heat rash on both of my arm whenever I am in the sun too long. I usually have to get a prescription cortisone to keep the hives from flaring up too much and because I scratch at them constantly resulting in bleedng or huge bumps.  I noticed that this stuff, although not totally perfect, often soothes my itching within a few minutes of application. It comes in a convenient little tube and the cream spreads in easily and really helps me to forget that my arm is broken out in hives. I like to re apply some of the product every thirty minutes and have found that layering it on without rubbing it all the way in really helps. I have used this on a bug bite I got during a camping trip and it immediately worked. What's great about this brand is most of their stuff works right away and just as good as their competitors. I am really glad I tried this stuff before buying a more expensive brand.

El Paso, TX


Equate Anti-Itch works great and is affordable!


Equate Extra Strength Anti-Itch Cream relieves that itch that you can hardly stand! It helps fight the reaction and source of the itch as well. Because I have many non-food allergies, I often carry this with me (and even more often during mosquito seasons!). Equate Extra Strength Anti-Itch Cream helps to fight many bug bites and stings, controls plant irritation and reactions, and animal scratches and allergy problems (if a dog brushes against me I get hives, but this really helps to fight it). If you run into something that gives you an itch or reaction problem, spread this on quickly, and avoid the would-be itch and reaction disaster. Equate has the perfect thickness and its effectiveness really is very comparable to name-brand anti-itch creams. The best part about Equate Anti-Itch Cream is that it is much cheaper than name-brand anti-itch cream. It is a very affordable product, and it does its job well! Why pay more for the same thing?

Hanover, PA


Equate Extra Strength Anti Itch Cream

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