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Equate Extra Strength Acetaminophen Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

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Effective, inexpensive pain relief


Walmart's Equate brand of ibuprofen is just as effective as name brand ibuprofen (e.g., advil), at a much lower cost. It also looks the same. Effectiveness Equate brand ibuprofen is extremely effective for relieving all types of pain ranging from muscle and joint aches after a workout, menstrual cramps, headaches from muscle tension or sinus pressure to dental pain. I have bottles of this in my car, purse, throughout my home and at my office. It's really great. Having said that, it's important to read the label and not take more than indicated. I will occasionally experience upset stomach if I need to take it for more than a day or two, and long term use can cause other complications. Ease of Use These tablets are small and easy to swallow. It requires two to make one adult dose, which is nice because I can give my kids half a dose easily. Immediacy I can take two of these tablets and get relief within twenty to thirty minutes.


Midland, MI


These work pretty well!


I have used these before and they don't seem to be much different than other pain relievers out there, even name brands. The reason that I don't use these anymore is because I prefer capsules over tablets. This product did relieve my headaches. It pretty much does what the bottle says it does. I would use these again if I needed to. I would much rather spend a little less money and have a product that works about the same, then spend more for a name brand that has the same ingredients. This brand worked just fine for me. I didn't really have any complaints with it. I would say to give it a go. Effectiveness I would say that this medicine works well. It does the job of eventually getting rid of the pain in your body. It was effective in getting rid of my headaches. Ease of Use It's just a tablet that will go down pretty well with a glass of water. It does sometimes leave a little bad taste in your mouth, but if you swallow it easily it isn't too bad. Immediacy Easy to have on hand when you need it. It doesn't work right away when using it, but it works in a short amount of time.




Pack that Momma-Purse with Equate Pain Reliever!


Pack up that Momma- Purse before you leave the house and remember to include the Equate Pain Reliever!  Guys, toss Equate in your briefcase or carry bag, too! The 24 caplet bottle doesn't take up much room, and the acetaminophen formula works for most people. "Do you have something for a headache?" is the most asked question among teachers,  even retired teachers like me. I sub at a local school and take Equate with me. Somebody will need it, if I don't! Equate is a good value for the money. There's a large bottle in my medicine cabinet, so I can refill my handy small size, and save even more. Just replace the bigger Equate Pain Reliever Bottle when it starts to run low. You may find yourself buying the higher priced brand, in a "single serving" package if your'e hurting and can't find Equate. I've never seen it at a convenience store! The caplets are easy to swallow, getting that pain relief where it needs to go "in a New York minute" as they say in Texas. Whether my arthritic knees are crying for attention, or a headache  looms due to a mysterious bathroom plague in my class, I know two Equate Extra Strength Pain Relievers will work for me. After all, a pain-free substitute teacher keeps his or her sense of humor. Come to think of it, Equate's not only effective against pain, but it reinforces the sense of humor in it's users!  Get some, and smile!


Bremond, TX


Equate Extra Strength Acetaminophen Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer

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