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Equate Diaper Rash Cream

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Decent, But Not Great


This diaper rash cream typically sells for less than the brand name products, but you get what you pay for. You can definitely save money by using this off-brand, but it also won't work as well as paying a little more. One simply needs to decide between the tradeoff of price and performance. Personally, I would rather pay a little bit more for good results. Performance This off-brand diaper rash cream seems to work a little slower and less effectively than typical on brand products. Personally, we have not seen allergic reactions or bad side effects from using this cream, but, of course, that would very from baby to baby. Caution should be used and one should watch for allergic reactions any time a new product is used, especially on a newborn or young baby.




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My daughter gets bad diaper rash whenever she is teething, feeling under the weather, etc. This stuff works great! No need to pay extra for more expensive brands- this gets the job done. It is much more affordable than Desitin but contains the same ingredients. When she has had really bad rashes, this stuff clears it up quickly. Performance Works great. No reason to buy any other product for diaper rash. When we see the first sign of a rash, we put this on her, and often by the next diaper change, the rash is completely gone.


Milwaukee, WI


Works quickly.


The Equate brand of diaper rash cream works just as well if not better than any other brand of diaper rash cream containing zinc oxide, but costs less. I have tried all brands that I know of. My son had extreme diaper rash when he was born. It was so bad I had to use mineral oil instead of wipes for him. I bought some different brands of diaper rash cream and they worked well. Then he got diaper rash again a few months later and I used the Equate brand and the rash had already started to disappear a few hours later. I would recommend this to any parent who uses diaper rash cream.


Pacific, MO


equate diaper rash cream works perfectly


I have purchased and used all brands of diaper rash creams for my babies and toddlers. I have tried it all and then I tried the equate diaper rash cream that states to compare it to desitin and I could not believe it. It worked great and it was less expensive. The equate diaper rash cream is a great value for the price. It works and actually seems just like the name brand desitin that it is compared too. The only thing is that you can only get it at walmart since it is there store brand. So if you do not shop at that store you can not get it and I am a mother that shops at all different stores. So, when I go to a different store that does not carry the equate I buy the name brand. I think this is a great product. It works just as good as all of the other name brand diaper rash creams. I like the fact that the tube itself has a seal on it and it is also sold in a box. I feel safer getting the product that way. I am not to please if there is not seal on a product it makes me not want to use it. The diaper rash cream works great to get rid of diaper rash.


Metairie, LA


works fast


My son (or me, for that matter...) was a lucky kid, he never had diaper rash until he started to eat solid foods. So I started  to make my homework but soon enough I was looking at all the advertisements in magazines and had no clue what product to use. Fortunately, my pediatrician was good enough to 'enlight" me in this matter, telling me that buying the most expensive product in the store will not necesarily have the best outcome for my son's diaper rash. He advised me to buy the Equate diaper rash cream, having as active ingredient the same zinc oxide found in the expensive brand names. And it worked perfect. From one diaper change to another, the rash was gone and a hardly ever needed to use it more then once a day. I know every mother wants to give her children the best care possible but at the same time, in these days i am sure every mother tries to save money as much as possible. And buying this cream is one way to still have the best results and save some money at the same time.


Beatrice, NE


Equate Diaper Rash Cream

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