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Equate Daily Regenerist Serum

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Great results at a great price!


I am always trying new products but I am also on a pretty strict budget. So I like when I can find products that cost less but have the same or similar active ingredients as the more expensive brands. This is Equates version of Olay. I think it did an amazing job of refining my skin and making my complexion better. This is so much more budget friendly than Olay and it worked just as well. Effectiveness I apply this serum during the day. I really don't need to another moisturizer like I've had to do with other serums. It only takes a small amount. It makes my skin feel silky without feeling greasy or oily. It absorbs so nicely into skin. It produces a healthy natural glow with continued use. I noticed that my fine lines looked less noticeable and smooth after using this for a while. Ease of Application This is so easy to apply. I love the pump bottle which keeps bacteria and other contaminants out. Scent This really didn't smell like much to me. It is lightly scented.



Worth the Money?


For me personally, I have not seen so much results from this product that I would want to continue using it. If I were going to continue to use this product, I would expect to see noticeable and vast benefit from it, but it has not been that great. There may be some benefit, especially through long term consistent use. But for me personally, I have not seen very good results after I used it for several weeks. I would rather not put hard earned money into something that seems a little more frivolous and may not even provide the benefit and help that is suggested. Effectiveness So far, the effectiveness has been mild at best. It is negligible enough that it is difficult to tell if the benefit is coming from this product, regular fluctuations in how the body works, or other contemporary improvements in body and lifestyle. Personally, I have not seen the results that I hoped through the use of this product. Ease of Application This product is very easy to use, and it is also small and portable for trips. Scent The scent is not too strong or overpowering, although it may be a little irritating to some. Personally, it is not irritating to me.



This stuff is Awesome !


The Equate Regenerating Serum is awesome stuff !! The oil of olay is so expensive, so I thought I'd give this a try, from Walmart. I have been pleasantly surprised, I am 50, and my skin / face have not looked this good in years. My face is brighter, skin tone is good, less discolorations, baby smooth. It goes on like silk, and feels wonderful. I never miss a day of using it. I also use the night cream as well. I wear no foundation, because my skin looks so good with this on it. I highly recommend this product.

Cleveland, TX


Equate Daily Regenerating Serum makes my face smooth as silk


I purchased my first bottle of Equate Daily Regenerating Serum after comparing many similar products on the self at my local WalMart.  I liked this product because of it's comparatively low price and its similar list of ingredients when compared to the others.  I was a bit skeptical that the product would really work but was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it the very first time I tried it.  I first applied it in the morning right after washing my face.  It has a very light and pleasant fragrance and glided across my face and neck.  I loved how my skin felt so dewy and soft after using this product.  I also liked how my makeup went on over this product.  I have extremely dry skin and it helped moisturize my skin throughout the whole day!  After using it for a few weeks, I love it even more.  It seems to have reduced the fine lines around my lips and eyes and I am totally delighted with the overall effect on my FORMERLY very dry skin.

Kaysville, UT


Half the price of Regenerist and it feels just as nice.


I have been really hesitant to try any serums. Every parody I have ever seen about magical elixirs plays through my head. Once I tried Olay Regenerist at a friend's house and liked the feeling of my skin but did not want to pay the price. Shopping the other day I saw this product and thought I would give it a whirl. I am very glad I did. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and doesn't feel greasy. A little will cover your entire face because it glides nicely. I hardly ever wear foundation or the like and one thing I have noticed it that my face is shiny, not oily, shiny after awhile. I am going to try some mineral coverage this week and see if it covers the shine. The lid on the bottle doesn't really "snap" on. the serum is very lotion-like and is a translucent white, it feels slightly oily on my fingertips directly after rubbing it in but it fades quickly like a lot of lotions do. This has a clean smell and it is not overpowering.

Kalamazoo, MI


Equate Daily Regenerist Serum

4.4 5