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Equate Baby Wipes with Shea Butter

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Scents Are Overrated


For cost compared to benefit, these wipes offer good value for the money spent. Compared to the name-brand products, they clean just as well while costing a lot less. For that, they can be highly recommended over the alternatives. Personally, I would always choose unscented wipes for a baby. Compared to the equivalent unscented off-brand product, these are not as good. Durability These wipes are pretty strong and durable, so they will last well for a diaper change without easily tearing apart. Performance On the cleaning side of things, these wipes work about as well as any other wipes, whether name-brand or off-brand. On the scented side, they can give a pleasant smell, although the downsides to scented wipes must also be considered. Scent Many babies are allergic to the scents used in baby wipes. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are all bad, but a baby can have issues with what they eat, diaper rash, and other things. Eliminating scented wipes is a good way to reduce the options for what may be causing problems for the baby, especially since scented wipes don't serve a necessary purpose for the baby.



A heavy duty wipe that measures up to name brands


I picked up this brand of wipe for my best friend's baby whom I often sit for at my house for a few hours at a time whenever her mother is out shopping. She used to bring over her own wipes, but has taken to let me use these once I pointed out the price. These wipes are simply amazing. They are durable and strong, but soft and very gentle at the same time. They feel thick to the touch and leave the baby's skin feeling soft and pampered with a very pleasant lingering scent. Another generic brand that I had tried resulted in tearing and disintegration of the wipe. I was leery of trying another brand that wasn't a name brand til I discovered equate made these. The shea butter makes a big difference. I often find myself even using these to wipe down my hands when I don't have an opportunity to clean them. They feel very soothing and aren't soggy like other brands. My one complaint? That these aren't packaged in travel size.

El Paso, TX


Thick baby wipe-- can be used for multiple purposes


I always have one of the portable packs in my purse.  It's like 98 cents per pack. They are thick with a light scent.  Definitely compares to a higher name brand. Why pay more?  they can. i won't!!

Cambria Heights, NY


I'm soooo pleased with this baby wipe!


First, I have to say that I do not have a baby, nor have I ever. But I use baby wipes every day, mostly to remove my makeup and sometimes just to freshen up quickly. I don't have a favorite brand-as long as it's hypoallergenic, I'm pretty much OK with whatever is least expensive. But I think that has just changed. I recently purchased a refill pack of Equate Pop-Ups Baby Wipes with Shea Butter. I liked that it says it's made with natural aloe and vitamin E. It also says the product is extra thick and strong due to the Air Weave material, and that it is cotton enhanced. Since I try to buy natural products when I can, it all appealed to me. Unscented is the option I prefer, but Fresh Scent was all that was available. After debating paying much more for an unscented pack of another brand, I decided to give in to this scented version. I liked it immediately. And what I have found over the past few weeks of using this product is that Equate Pop-Ups Baby Wipes with Shea Butter is a new favorite product. I like the pleasant, light scent-it's not at all overbearing like so many scented products. The wipe is a little thicker than some I've used, yet it wasn't too thick. But the best part of it is how it makes my skin feel. All other brands I've used have left my skin feeling tight after use. But I don't need to put on moisturizer after using these. Yes, it's actually saving me money twice!

Gulf Shores, AL


Definetly does compare to Huggies Wipes!


I picked a pack of 40 ct. wipes of these only because I loved how the packaging was so convenient. I am glad I gave this a try. I was expecting them to be very cheap but they where extremely thick and where very much like the huggies brand. I usually buy the kirkland brand wipes and will just use the equate ones for on the go since the packaging of these is smaller and great for a diaper bag.

Los Angeles, CA


Great strong wipes without the cost of brand names.


Equate baby wipes are fantastic.  They hold up great during changing and are a lot cheaper then brand name wipes.  I use these wipes for everything around the house and keep some in the car. They are great for outdoor events,  playing, eating whatever. Great to have some on hand for just about anything.

Bentonville, AR


Equate Baby Wipes with Shea Butter

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