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Equate Athlete's Foot Liquid Spray

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Low Price, Average Results


This athlete's foot spray can help reduce and eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms that come from athlete's foot. It does not seem to work as quickly or as completely as the equivalent name brand alternatives that are on the market, but it is a lower price. On the plus side, this spray is very easy and fast to use. Personally, I like a spray such as this one instead of a lotion that must be rubbed onto the feet, as a spray will not contaminate the hands and spread the disease as easily. Even with a spray, it does absorb into the skin pretty quickly. To me, it seems to work best if the athlete's foot is not very severe. In my experience of milder cases, this product can be effective. But if the case were more severe, I am not convinced that it would do the job as well as a name brand alternative. As another plus, the smell of this product is not overly strong or uncomfortable.



No More Itching& Burning With Athlete's Foot Spray


My Daddy use to say that Equate's Athlete's Foot Liquid Spray was the best. He always wore leather boots that laced up the front and went about halfway up his leg between the ankle and the knee. Maybe not quite that far up.He always called these boots Brogan's. By the end of the day his feet would be moist with perspiration.Then they would of course itch, burn, and the skin would crack open.He would say that the only thing that would give his feet any relief was "Tinactin." I told him that Tinactin was the same thing as Equate's Athlete's Foot Spray. This was true. Tinactin and Equate Athlete's Foot spray contained the same active ingredient, which was Tolnaftate 1%,which was an antifungal. Athlete's Foot is caused by a fungas which causes itching, burning and cracking skin. This fungas grows in damp,dark,and warm places - thus "a sweaty foot." An antifungal kills the fungas. My Daddy preferred the liquid spray. It also comes in a powder and a cream. Equate Athletes Foot Spray is a lot less expensive than the Tinactin - brand name. I would recommend Equate's Athlete's Foot Spray to any one that had this problem like my Daddy. Yeast and Fungal infections are closely related. I have personally used the antifungal ,in cream form for a red itchy rash that would appear under my breast, another moist,place.It helped clear up the rash and stop the itching and burning.

Rocky Mount, NC


Equate Athlete's Foot Liquid Spray

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