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Equate Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Powder

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Prefer Unscented


As a baby powder, this product works about as well as any other. But personally, I would prefer an unscented baby powder. The aloe vera and vitamin E seem to help many babies, but it is also something that I have seen babies have a bad skin reaction to. Personally, I would prefer to have an unscented baby powder, one that is gentle on all babies and that is much less likely to bring a poor reaction. As far as value goes, if a baby is safe using the powder, then this particular one does give a good value. It is a low price since it is an off-brand product, making it cheaper than most name-brand alternatives. Since it can be effective as a baby powder if a baby does not have a bad reaction to it, then it provides a good value when effectiveness is compared to cost. It is also relatively small and portable, making it easy to take on the road and use in many different situations rather than just at home.



Nice as cooling & drying body powder on hot, humid days


Where I live, it is often hot and humid, and I like to use this as body powder to reduce stickiness.  It contains cornstarch, aloe vera, vitamin E, tricalcium phosphate, and fragrance.It doesn't blow around in the air when you use it, so you don't have to worry about breathing it in very much.  And since talc may be carcinogenic, the cornstarch is hopefully a safer alternative.

Kahului, HI


Equate Baby Powder - All the comfort at half the price


I use a lot of powder.  It drives my husband crazy.  We live in the snowbelt of NE Ohio; and right now it looks like winter outside **and** inside the house. When I'm done showering, I like to smooth on powder to keep me feeling clean and fresh and dry.  **Equate Baby Powder with Pure Cornstarch Aloe Vera & Vitamin E** in the 15 oz. container does just that at half the cost of Johnson's Baby Powder Cornstarch. Equate Baby Powder is hypoallergenic, dermatologist, allergy and pediatrician-tested and is mild and gentle to the skin...whether the baby is you or a newborn in the house.  The powder absorbs excess moisture and helps to keep chafing to a minimum in the hot, summer months.  I usually sprinkle a little on my feet and in between my toes in the summertime to help keep me smelling clean and fresh. Whether it's winter or summer, try Equate Baby Powder with Pure Cornstarch to keep you and/or your little ones feeling cool and dry.  And don't forget your significant other!  He/she likes to stay fresh and dry too!

Madison, OH


Equate Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Powder

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