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Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor & Outdoor Tablets

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Excellent generic brand for minor allergy symptoms.


I like the Equate allergy brand in very early spring and at other times when my allergies are acting up a little but not overwhelming. It's a very good product for those times. However, for times when environmental allergies are really a problem, like when the pollen is really bad, it doesn't work as well. Effectiveness Like I said before, this is a very effective product for me when my allergies aren't acting up too much. It doesn't really cause drowsiness at all, which is great because I can take it during the day without any problems. I would use something stronger, though, if you have bad allergies. Ease of Use The pills are small and easy to swallow. They're also quite inexpensive considering how well they work. Immediacy I try to take these as soon as I wake up in the morning before I even go out and get exposed to any kind of allergens. By the time I take it, get ready for the day, and then leave the house, the medication is working and I don't even notice I have allergies.



Equate Allergy Relief Gets the Job Done for Less


Wal- Mart stores invoke strong reactions from fans and foes but like them or not, Wal- Mart has managed to come up with some good products that work well and save the consumer money. I am particularly fond of the Equate line of medications because I have found that most of them work very well and are priced lower than other brands. Yet another Equate product that lives up to expectations is Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor Outdoor Tablets. Allergy Relief Facts and Commentary: Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor Outdoor Tablets are made for allergy relief of all types. The product contains 10 mg of Cetirizine Hydrochloride, which is a common ingredient used to control allergy symptoms. Allergy- related annoyances such as a runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose, and itchy throat are brought under control with this medication and it is designed to last a full 24 hours on a single dose. Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor Outdoor Tablets are very good at drying up a runny nose and stopping the instance of sneezing. A short time after taking one of these tablets, the irritation in the throat and nose start to lessen and the urge to sneeze and scratch slowly subsides. There is nothing in these tablets to control congestion or other sinus problems, but this product isn't really made for that purpose. Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor Outdoor Tablets are sold at Wal- Mart and they cost significantly less than other name brands that use the same ingredients. Many swear by the name brands, but Wal- Mart has once again shown that it can make its own medicine under the Equate label and have it work about as well as any of the major brands. Bottom Line Viewpoint: My bottom line viewpoint with Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor Outdoor Tablets is that they are quite effective at allergy symptom relief and they make a noticeable difference in the sneezing and itching departments. They may not have the backing of a well- known, highly advertised brand name, but their active ingredient does the trick on sinus relief and costs a lot less than other brands. Effectiveness These tablets work about as well as the name brands and cost a lot less. Ease of Use These allergy tablets are easy enough to take with a glass of water Immediacy Allergy relief begins about 30 minutes after taking a tablet.

Houston, TX


Equate 24 Hour Allergy Relief


Equate 24 hour allergy relief is just the walmart generic version of claritin. Only bad thing is that it works like claritin, which is not very well. If you take more than teh recommended dosage, which is one for every 24 hours, then it seems to work just fine. The only time this medicine works to relieve my allergies is if I take 2-3 pills and it still doesn't work as well as zyrtec or benadryl seems to. Even if you take several pills instead of one, it still doesn't last 24 hours. It lasts 6 hours at the most, but at least it isn't quite as expensive as the name brand claritin. It is still more expensive than most other allergy medicines like benadryl and tylenol cold and sinus even though it is the generic brand. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with bad allergies. Doesn't work very well at all.

Auburn, AL


Equate 24 hour Allergy Relief, who made up the time table?


We all know these days that money is tight with a lot of people, the economy sucks right now and no one wants to just waste money. Well I am the same way. I have nothing against buying generic as long as it works. I've had a lot of allergy and sinus issues of late and this Equate 24 hour Allergy Relief is one of the products that I have recently tried. I first of all have to be honest is saying that none of the products that I have tried worked as well as I'd hoped they would, but this Equate allergy relief was probably one of the worst ones that I tried. It did nothing for my sinus pressure, did nothing to relieve my sneezing and absolutely did nothing for the headache that seems to go along with all of those. What I hated even more about it was that once I took it I had to wait awhile before I could take something that would actually help me out a little bit. If you are looking for something that actually works, than you might want to save some money and not go with this product.

Lakeside, CA


Equate 24 hour allergy relief saves me during allergy season.


I have been taking Equate brand 24 hour allergy relief for a few years.  I suffer severly from seasonal and indoor allergies.  I always have that plugged up feeling in my ears and tend to get sore throats alot.  I take this product daily when I am suffering but tend to not take it when my allergies aren't bothering me.  I can usually tell when the 24 hours has passed and it's time to take another one.  The pills are easy to take because they are very small and they come nicely packaged in (2) 15 pack sections if you buy the 30 dose box.  I like the fact that the price is very inexpensive compared to the namebrand over the counter drugs.  The active ingredients are the same with the Equate brand vs. the namebrands.  I like the fact that I don't have to have a prescription to use this drug.  One of the best things about it is it doesn't make me drowsy like some of the other allergy medicines do.  I highly recommend this allergy relief medicine for anyone who suffers with allergies.  The price and efficiency of the product is a wonderul combination.  2 THUMBS UP!!!

Austin, IN


as good as benadryl without the price tag


i suffer from seasonal allergies and sinus headaches and i used to take benadryl until someone steered me to equate products. it works just as well as benadryl at a fraction of the cost. they offer many products ranging from just allergy to severe allergy and sinus. my dog suffers allergies and has extremely dry skin and the vet reccomended equate for my dog. it works really well and the pills are small enough to sneak into her food. she doesnt even notice it in there but i notice a difference in her skin and her lessened scratching. equate is available at a variety of stores including target , walmart, and cvs. i would reccomend this product to everyone.

Lake Village, IN


Equate Allergy Relief 24 Hour Indoor & Outdoor Tablets

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