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Equate Acid Reducer

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Pretty Good for the Price


Good results for a low price. Effectiveness I use this product more for indigestion than for constipation. For indigestion, it does work quite well, especially for an off brand product that is cheaper than the name brand. It may not be quite as good as the name brand alternatives, but for what it is as an off brand, it certainly is as effective as one would expect. Personally, I do not suffer from constipation, so I do not know whether or not it would be effective at helping to relieve the rather uncomfortable problem of constipation. Ease of Use For me personally, I have not had any problems taking this acid reducer. It is very easy to use, and the small container that it comes in is relatively portable. So even if one is traveling or away from home for a time, then it is still very easy to transport and use while on the road. Immediacy This product works about as quickly as I would like. A little more speed would always be nice, but I would consider anything better than this an added bonus over what I would expect.



Cheap but works just as good as any other acid reducer


  As I started to get older I needed to use acid reducers more frequently. I've tried many different brands of acid reducers, but found that the less expensive brands work just as well as the expensive ones. I use Equate Acid Reducer from Wal-Mart the most. It works effectiently and just as fast as most other more expensive brands. I recently went ot the doctor and was prescribed and acid reducer which  tried but found that Equate was still more effective and less expersive without needing a prescribing and without seeing a doctor. I highly recommend this product.

Columbia, MO


Equate Acid Reducer

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