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Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer

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"Absolutely Beaming"? Not So Sure


For a general moisturizer, this does seem to work pretty well, especially considering that it is an off-brand product and costs less in the first place. I have seen good results in preventing and eliminating dry skin, even as I live in a very dry climate. But still, for something that is advertised as "absolutely beaming," I would expect better results from a regular plain old moisturizer than I have seen through use. Personally, I just don't see the difference in results. I would rather pay less for a regular moisturizer than pay more for a moisturizer that advertises itself to be better but does not show vastly improved results. Now some may have different results than others, so someone else may see a marked difference and love this product. But for me personally, I will stick with a regular moisturizer and save a little bit of extra money, when it gives me just as good of results as this product does. Effectiveness This product does not help any more than a regular moisturizer. Ease of Application This product is very easy to use, but so are most other moisturizers. Scent The scent is pleasant and simple, and it is not overpowering in any way.



Just as good as the name brand product


I really like Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer. I have used Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, which is what Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer is similar too, and I must say that I prefer this product. First off, it is a lot cheaper than it's counterpart. Secondly, I had a reaction to the name brand product when using it. Namely- redness, stinging, and burning. I did not have this type of reaction with Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer. It works just as well as the name brand, and more expensive products. It will improve your skin clarity and skin tone, as well as moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft, and well hydrated. I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants the benefits of the higher priced products while only paying about one half of the cost. Great for those on a budget!



Equate Absolutely Beaming Daily Moisturizer

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