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Epson Stylus R220 InkJet Photo Printer

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Epson Photo R220 is a nice printer for making your original CDs!


This is my second printer for using my home office and I bought it about a couple years ago.The primary reason why I choose Stylus Photo R220 was that I liked the one feature that this printer makes it easy to print on CDs and DVDs directly. After I got this printer, I don't need to make many labels for making my CDs /DVDs anymore.  I noticed that this printer always made a great color & long -lasting results on the CDs/DVDs. Only one negative thing I found of this product is using six color photo inks all the time . If one of the inks are out, the quality of the color doesn't satisfy me at all. The problem is that I don't know which color ink cartridge I need to get in the next. So, I feel that I always need to buy six color ink cartridges if I see any inks are out. Overall, I really like this printer and I would recommend others to buy this one if you are planning to make own CDs/DVDs.

Bend, OR


Prints clearly and dependably


The Epson Stylus printer is an extremely user friendly printer.  The driver software was very easy to install. The instructions were incredibly clear and were accompanied by useful pictures. It lead the user through each and every step of the process so that there would be no confusion about what to do  and when to do it. Changing the ink cartridges is a snap.  I did not even need to consult the manual.  I simply looked at the pictures printed conveniently on the printer itself and was able to quickly change the cartridges.  The software also includes a self-monitoring ink system.  It will tell you exactly how much of each color you have left and when you really ought to buy more. It is a loud printer, however.  It makes alot of machinary noise when it prints.  It almost sounds violent, grabbing the paper and shoving it through. One feature I really like is that the paper catcher tray folds up so that it takes up a minimal amount of space.

Pearblossom, CA


Epson Stylus R220 InkJet Photo Printer

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