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Epson Stylus Photo R340 printer

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Ink waster


I am not a fan of this printer. The replacement ink cartridge is fairly expensive, and it does not last for a long time at all. It wastes a lot of color ink on a page. It is also very noisy and if someone is sleeping in the next room, they can be woken up by the sound it makes when it prints. Papers often get jammed in it and they are a hassle to take out. The printer is also big and takes up a lot of space. It doesn't come with an lcd screen that gives you an exact preview of what you are printing, and that is a minor inconvenience. However, the printer gives you the option of inserting a memory card directly into the printer. Also, it produces good prints sometimes. If you do not use it frequently, it starts to clog, which is a hassle to deal with. It has a few frills for its price, but i would not recommend this product to others because I do not think it is worth the cost. It is a big ink guzzler.

Brooklyn, NY


The Epson Stylus R340 Is Perfect for Me


When our old printer died we needed something new that would get the job done.  Knowing that we were expecting our first child, we knew that our printing needs would soon be changing from just printing out random documents and forms to printout out photos.  We did a lot of research and pricing before deciding to purchase the Epson Stylus Photo R340 printer. We are incredibly happy with our decision.  The photo quality is excellent, and it prints quickly.  We've been able to print our own Christmas photos and send in cards and saved money that way as well.  I've printed photos up to 8x10 in size and you cannot tell that they were printed at home and not in a lab.  The card reader is an excellent feature, it has saved us al ot of time since our printer is not hooked up directly to our laptops 24/7.  I love that you can crop and do some minor editing of the photos on the sceren on the printer directly.  I also love that you can print directly on CD and DVD labels, this came in wonderfully when we made a DVD of family photos, we were able to print a label directly onto the DVD, everyone thought we'd taken it somewhere to have professionally done!

Van Horne, IA


Epson Stylus Photo R340 is a great printer


I recently received the Epson Stylus R340 photo printer as a gift. I'm very impressed with the quality of this printer. I use this printer on a daily basis and have been really happy with the results. One of the neat things about this printer is that you don't have to use your computer to print from your memory card. You can insert the memory card directly into the printer (it takes all kinds of different memory card options) and view and print your files on the convenient color screen. The photos that I have printed have turned out great. One thing that I don't like about this printer is that the ink is pretty expensive. Also, if the printer runs out of ink in one color, you can't print anything until that ink is replaced. Overall I would recommend this printer but not for the casual user. If you are looking to print a lot of materials and they don't need to be really clear, I suggest you purchase something with more affordable ink.

Waynesboro, PA


convenient and easy to use


It was difficult finding the right printer since there were so many printers out there to choose from. But when we bought our new desktop, it came with an offer for a free printer. This is actually quite an expensive printer so we were really glad to get this free offer. We wanted a printer with a lot of features and the R340 had pretty much the features that we wanted. The Epson Stylus Photo R340 is great if you like to print your own photos, make colorful labels for your CD and DVD and want convenient touch screen usage. It's a fairly decent sized printer and very attractive - black and stainless-steel color. It's convenient and easy to use because you can just use the touch screen function or you can use the buttons on the printer. The really neat feature is the ability to view your photo on the screen before you decide if you want to print it. I recommend this product if you like to print photos on a constant basis and want good quality photos.

Yorba Linda, CA


Epson Stylus Photo R340 printer

4.0 4