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Epson Stylus Photo InkJet Printer

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R280 from Epson is a descent printer


The Epson Stylus Proto R280 InkJet printer is a descent printer for the price. It tends to be an ink hog, which is it's major downfall. I use this printer primarly to print onto disks and not paper. I will say that the colors are somewhat off on the items I print onto disk, I'm not sure if this is because of the "paper" used on the disk face or because of the printer. I only print text and logos on the face of the disks, as I was not pleased with the results of printing photos on the face of the disks, the quality was average. You have to insert an additional try to print on disks, you can't just stick the disk into the printer as is, the tray is included with the printer. After the disk is printed onto, I typically need to let the disk sit untouched for 12 hours for the ink to set in, so this is not a quick fix for printing on disks directly. I purchased a referbished version and for the price I paid and what I need it to do, it's a good cost.

Blacklick, OH


Good quality printer


This epson stylus printer is great for fast printing and also great for photos. I have used it for numerious printing jobs as I print a lot of coupons and text documents and it does a great job. I haven't had any issues with it as of yet. The ink can be a little pricey because there are seperate individual cartridges you have to buy for the black and the color. However I found that the ink does last a fairly long time. I have printed photo pics from the printer and found that it is really good quality.

Hull, MA


Epson Stylus Photo R280 was a little disappointing


After I bought my camera one of the things that attracted me to buying it was we got a free Epson stylus photo R280 printer.  For the first year I loved printing all my documents and it was a plug-and-play installation which pretty much made it easier to use.  After the first year lines started to show on everything I was printing.  I did a diagnostic and i could not find a way to get rid of the lines from showing.  I then figured it was a low levels of ink.  After all the ink had finished we bought some ink but I only wanted to buy the black since everything I mostly printed was in gray-scale.  Well, it turns out you need to buy all the colors and it pretty much got expensive for me.  I went ahead and bought the ink only to find out that the printer did not want to work anymore.  I installed the software again and nothing could be done to get the printer from detecting the new ink.  I did a troubleshooting and still that did not work as well.  Considering that the printer was free, still it did not satisfy me.  I expected a better quality printer considering that I know Epson produces good products. 

Mission, TX


The printer does high quality prints with a great price.


My epson printer was a gift from my daughter and I could not get it to work so I called the customer service representative,  they ran a few tests and decided it was a faulty one and sent another one out immediately. I was very impressed.  Now this one prints awsome pictures.

La Grande, OR


Hope the one I am getting for Christmas is better than this one.


I got this printer for a great price less than a year ago. I should have waited. At first it printed excellent photos, but the older it got the worse it worked. It ate ink like it was going out of style and the ink was expensive. I'll be i purchased ink at least 3 times since I have had this thing. It makes strange noises, jams paper and  shuts itself off when there is nothing wrong. Either I got a Lemon or Espon let this one go. DO NOT PURCHASE!

Bradford, PA


Heck of a print job


I've had several printers and this by far is the best.  Great print quality on paper and photo's.  It's a little picky on photo paper, but aren't they all.  Only con, supplied cartridges are very short term.  It does have a chipset in the print cartridges so it knows if you're using Epson or not, but who cares...........  Epson ink is quite expensive.  They do however offer double capacity cartridges and generics are easily found for this model.  It got excellent reviews and the price is right.

Fort Myers, FL




So I bought my Epson R280 at a going out of business sale and have to admit I was somewhat leery.The price was right and I figured if I really hated it, I could probably resell it somewhere online. I was pleasantly surprised to find this is a LOVELY printer. It was easy to set up and install, the cartridges are easy to put in and it prints fairly quickly. I'm not an avid photo printer but I have tried out the feature and was just as impressed with it as I was with the unit as a whole. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. 

Pottsville, PA


Epson Stylus Photo InkJet Printer

3.7 7