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Epson Stylus Photo All-In-One Printer C11C693201

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Epson Stylus RX 595: Reliable, affordable and user-friendly.


 First off, I must disclose that my particular printer was bought for a ridiculously low price in refurbished condition. No matter, really; to my eyes it is and always was brand new in appearance, and has performed as if just so. It is sleek and stylish, if a tad bulky, but seems very well-built. in fact, it manages to provide enough torque to jerk my entire computer desk side to side just a bit as it preps & prints. BEEFY!  My only complaint seems to be a common one with many printer manufacturers: this thing burns up the ink, (all 6 cartridges) and the ink in turn burns up the contents of my wallet. As anyone with this dilemma knows, it pays to be resourceful and research alternatives to 'recommended' ink brands & vendors. The functions I have used the most so far are as follows, with grades: - Scanning - Grade A - The software included is swift, highly user-friendly and does not noticeably hog the resources of my tired, 7 year old PC. The digital results have yet to let me down. - Printing documents - Grade A - Any and all color and text documents have been error-free 100% of the time, and after over a year I have yet to witness a paper jam or 'multiple sheet-feed'.  Other functions I've used sporadically are the memory card reader and DVD/ CD printing insert. No complaints on either front, but an upcoming production run of CDRs will really put this baby to the test. Which reminds me... I need to go shop for some pirate ink cartridges! *Until next time, YAR! *If this place allows it, I'll be back with a more extensive follow up review of these remaining functions, including the USB Flash Reader.    


Red Wing, MN


Epson Stylus RX595


For a photo printer I give this a less than satisfactory review.  The pictures are rarely true to color.  I have tried various papers as well as every dpi setting there is, and have rarely printed a picture that I would put in a frame, much less an album. Another negative is that the print cartridges are very expensive, and you are forced to change them even when they are not completely empty and/or are showing no signs that the color is lightening / empty. This printer cannot be used via wireless with our laptop, which is another negative.  We didn't even think about this when we made the purchase, so our next printer will most definately be wireless. There is not a document feeder on this printer either.  Again, for home this isn't as much of an issue, however on the occasions that I am working from would be nice.  The only plus here is that there is one less thing to break! The scanner, copier & general printing works well.  For a table top all-on-one to have at home, it has been fine.  I will definately take more time to investigate an at home photo printer before my next purchase. 


Austin, TX


Ridiculous ink costs and decent performance


This printer looked like a great printer to use for well rounded use and the idea of a larger color palette to allow higher quality photo prints sounded like a good idea at the time. Then of course I eventually found out that the cost to replace all of the ink cartridges is nearly 90% what I paid for the printer. Really? I didn't see that great of a difference in photo prints compared to my older printer that used the older epson ink cartridge system but the cost of the ink is at least double. The printer itself is great, I love the on screen menu system but the cost of ink just really kills it for me. It feels like just cleaning the printer head alone costs a significant amount of money. I've seen that online retailers offer third party ink for this printer at a fraction of the price so I'll try them out and see if the quality is acceptable. If the third party ink turns out to be similar quality, only then can I fully recommend this printer. It's a shame that a decent printer is held back by such expensive ink.


Augusta, GA


Overall, the Epson Stylus Photo RX595 is a good choice.


I've had my Epson Stylus Photo RX595 printer for several years now, and overall I'm happy with it.  I own my own business and do a lot of printing, mainly labels for my soap.  The resolution is very good and the color is true, even when the ink cartridges are getting low.  It's also easy to adjust the printer for different papers or print qualities.  I have found loss of resolution on waterproof label paper, especially if the image is graphics-heavy.  Sometimes these same thick waterproof papers jam, too.  But that isn't an issue for most users. The ink is expensive, and I really hate that I can't print at all if even one cartridge is out.  I would prefer being able to print black and white if, say, the magenta is gone.  I also dislike Epson's pop-ups urging me to buy more ink from their website long before the ink actually runs out.  Also, once in a while the printer has told me that an ink cartridge is out, but when I popped the same cartridge back in, it ran for a while longer.  Still, I've gotten my money's worth.  It's printed many, many hundreds of high-quality pages for me without needing any maintenance.


New London, CT


Does the job


We needed a printer and I knew nothing about them. We mostly needed it for printing documents and a little bit of scanning and copying. I also wanted something that would print a good quality picture even though I knew that feature would not be used very often. So we settled on this Epson printer. I had been told by friends that had Epson printers that they did a great job and were very reliable. We like this printer for the most part but it just isn't very easy to operate. I feel like I am pretty good at figuring out electronics but I always have to get the manual out to figure out how to do something with this printer. It was a nightmare trying to figure out how to scan a document in even with the instructions and I still have not figured out how to only print a document in black and white. For that reason alone I have never bothered to spend the money on photo paper to try to print a photo. If you don't use it regulalry the ink has a tendancy to clog up in the printer heads requiring you to clean them. Overall, this printer does a great printing job and copying is very easy but I cannot think of any other good traits about it. The ink is also pretty expensive and the longer I have had the printer the shorter a cartridge seems to go.


Republic, MO


The Stylus rx 595 is the perfect printer for any environment.


The stylus rx 595 is a great all in one printer for students, small business owners, and just all around any person. It is very easy to install, and also operate. This printer has many other options than just being a copier, printer, and scanner. It also prints cds and dvds, has bluetooth, photo editor, and memory card slots of different sizes (SD, Sony memory stick). Also it prints without a pc connected, therefore it is very easy to transfer from memory card to paper in just a few clicks. The quality of the scanner is precise and clean. The printing and copying also has outstanding quality, but it tends to need a lot of maintenance like cleaning the heads every so often, especially if you do not use it in a while. The Claria ink it comes with is also outstanding, it is truly fade-proof(if you use quality photo paper.) and the colors are bright and well defined. The ink is somewhat expensive and it uses 6 cartridges. That would be the only bad thing about it, the ink is a bit pricey but it is worth it.


Riverside, CA


Epson has great products:)


My husband bought my Epson RX595 printer for me when I started my own business.  I won't lie, I have had some issues with it, but it prints great photos and has always given me options.  I like that I can take it on the go with me.  All I have to do is insert my memory card and hit print!!!  I usually don't do that but at least I have the option!  A disadvantage that I have seen with this printer is the cost of ink and paper.  To make my photos of quality I purchase Epson Ink and Epson paper.  And it gets very expensive.  But you pay for what you get:)  The Epson RX595 has never given me problems pertaining to my computer which is a good thing.  Some printers mess with settings.  This one I can happily say hasn't.  Its easy to install and is always on hand when needed.  It lets me know when I'm low on ink and even where to buy it from.  I do suggest buying genuin ink when changing the cartriges.  My husband and I have ordered from one of the "low cost" websites for ink, and when we recieved it, it didnt even fit.  Needless to say we didnt force it in and went back to buying epson ink.  I do recommend this printer to anyone who wants great quality images!!


Chippewa Falls, WI


Excellent Printing


I love the Epson Photo Printer RX595. My husband bought me this printer a couple of years ago-and I have been pleased with it ever since. It prints photos so quickly and they always look wonderful. I've stopped ordering so many online now-and just do my own printing at home! I also love that it has a copier and scanner as well!


West Fargo, ND


Excellent for all my needs!


We were gifted with this printer when our other one had broke. It was a free gift when someone in our family bought a new camera. I love this printer! It does everything. It scans, copies, prints. I can print directly onto cd's and dvd's although I haven't used that yet because I usually just use the label to put on them. It works with cardstock for my crafting needs. It can print on to envelopes too. I haven't used all the features on it yet. It's easy to put in the ink cartridges. It tells you when there is something wrong. Both on the computer and display and I haven't had any troubles fixing those problems on my own. What I really love is that the top for scanning can come completely off, without breaking it. So if you have to scan in a large book, it's not hard to scan it in. It's very easy. It has a specialty print mode which I have no idea is used for. It also has a button for a memory card, but that's another thing I haven't used either. I really love it!


Lehi, UT


My favorite printer!


I have been a loyal Epson Printer user for 6 years. This is my second Epson printer and I have had it now for at least two years. I have no need to upgrade as I love it. My only two complaints about it is that it is big and heavy and it is not wireless. It makes great copies, excellent photos, and scans quickly and flawlessly. I have no plans of upgrading it at any point in the near future. The ink if purchased in the store is pricey, but I buy all of my ink online and save at least a 2/3 of the store price. I do not buy compatible ink, only the Epson OEM, but that is because of personal preference. If you all looking for  a printer that can handle multiple jobs and still print great photos, this is th one to get. No need to spend money and buy the latest. This one will satisfy all of your needs. The photos come out with great quality and do not smudge or fade. Make sure you use quality paper for the best results. I would buy this printer again!


Baytown, TX


Epson Stylus Photo All-In-One Printer C11C693201

4.4 13