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Epson Stylus CX6000 All-In-One Printer

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nice all in one printer


We received this printer for free after buying a camera from a store and it has served us well in all our printing and scanning needs. The little screen on the top is colored and becomes very informative when you have to change the ink. Out of all the functions, I have used the scanner the most and I find it easy to set up and use. The only downside is that I find it to scan at a very slow pace. My previous scanner did not take as long, however, the image quality on this printer is a lot better. The ink is kinda expensive since it has 4 inkjet catridges total - blakc, red, yellow and blue. If you are looking for a basic printer and would not need to make too many prints, I think this would be a nice addition, however, if you make a lot of prints, I would suggest buying a laser printer since they have become a lot cheaper now a days.

Los Angeles, CA


Epson Stlus CX600 Printer


I love my espson stylus is very friendly's a printer..copier..scanner The inks are reasonalble to replace...espson makes it so easy to know your low or out of has a view window with many can check ink level..charge your heads.....test page......and much more.....the window also gives you the steps to take.......tells you how to change you shows you in pictures a kid could do it..another thing I like about espon is it overs you an option to share ink if you are out of a color...and that is a plus if you don't have that ink available...and it reminds you every print job that you are low on ink and will set you up for the site to purchase it....also the inks are very available at a wide range of stores......It takes 4 cartrages and all single ones...easy clip off and clip on replacement.. Epson offers you up-date a great scanner too..clear and plenty of options to choose from.. I love my Epson Sylus.........I do alot of crafts and print alot of pictures and one more can put your camera disc into the port that is on the front of printer and print away...with size options..Wow that to me is a great tool for a printer to have......I have had my pinter for various numbers of years and never had to replace anything on it except ink and paper........I think epson is a better product then any others

Schenectady, NY


I've really enjoyed the Epson Stylus


My husband purchased this printer about 5 years ago and it's still running strong! We mostly use it for printing and have had very few problems with it. It holds a good amount of paper and about the only time we've ever had a problem with it is when it occasionally pulls too many sheets, but that's been an easy fix each time. It defaults to color printing, but I like that it's easy to change the settings to black and white. I print lots of coupons and things like that that don't need to be color so I like to be able to change it to black and white so easily and save on the color ink. As is with most ink, it's a bit overpriced, but I don't think the ink for this machine is any higher than other machines and it lasts a fair amount of time. The thing that I really love about this is that it's the same size as a normal printer, but you have a scanner too! The scanner is super easy to use and has always scanned images very clear for me. I have a feeling this printer/scanner will work as well for the next five years as is has for the last five years!

Canyon, TX


epson stylus cx6000 is remarkable


I really enjoy using the Epson stylus cx6000 all in one printer.  It is a very easy printer to use to print, and to scan photo's and documents, and also copy.  It also is easy to use when printing out pictures.  you can insert your memory card or you  can easily just plug your camera right into the printer.  Its also easy to change the ink in the printer it gives you step by step instructions on how to replace the cartridge's.  This epson stylus cx600 is remarkable, and easy to use with just the simple touch of the fingers.  have had mine for several years, and could not live without it.  You can size your pictures and use photo paper to customise your can also print the date on your photo's if you choose to.  also you can restore color in faded photo's so you can get quality photo's.  You can use different types of paper in your epson stylus cx6000 such as scrap-booking paper, fine art paper, matte paper, and photo paper as well as regular copy paper. you can copy in color or in black in white whatever is your preferences.  And is very good when it comes to problem solving if you have any problems with your cx6000. I love using my epson stylus cx6000 to print quality pictures, and or flyers for myself, and family, and its also fun to use its not complicated, even if you don't have experience using an all in one printer you will enjoy using this one.

Merced, CA


Epson Stylus CX6000 All-In-One Printer

4.8 4