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Epson Stylus All-In-One Printer C11C689201

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Ink Waster


I have had this printer for a while now. It does its job well. I have had no issues with printing, copying, or scanning. The only complaint I have (which is a huge one) is that it wastes a ton of ink. You can expect to change the cartridges very often. Beside that, it is a good printer.



The Epson Stylus printer I hardly get to use


This is a great printer/ scanner combo, the only problem is I hardly ever get to use it.  You need 4 ink cartridges for it run (cyan, magenta, yellow, and of course black) and if one cartridge runs out of ink the machine will not work at all. So your constantly buying and replacing ink. Naturally, it's that black that usually runs out first, and the printer does give you the option to mix the other colors to conserve black ink, but only when it detects that the black is getting low. It can get really annoying.

Mobile, AL


A ok printer


This printer is ok. It's not the best printer around. It has a copier so you can copy. You cannot scan to your computer that is the bad part of this printer. The other bad part is that when it prints it shakes alot so becareful that it does not fall off the desk or something. The are other bad things about this printer. The ink is very pricy. If you are one who doesnt not like paying alot for ink you should not get this printer. One and a while the cords will fall out in the back. When that happens you're computer will say not connected to printer. This print is also not wireless that another bad thing. The printer doesn't print very fast so if your in a rush you have some trouble. This printer is ok for people who hardly ever print. If you print all the time this printer is not for you. You will be frustrated because it prints slowly. I do not recrommend that oyu buy this product. Only buy it if you hardley ever print.

New Baltimore, MI


Can't print black and white if one of the color cartridges needs


The Epson printer has quality printing but if I just want to print a letter in black and white why do I need to have all the colored cartridges with ink in them. I don't print a lot of color pages but I keep running out of Yellow. Gets frusrtrating when you need to get out a letter and you have to run out to buy a color cartridge.

Manitowoc, WI


Handy, but keep ink on hand.


My husband and I purchased this all-in-one printer to replace my previous printer. We found that purchasing this printer was less expensive than purchasing the ink for the old printer. This printer is good because it copies, scans and prints nicely. It is much quieter than my old printers and prints faster as well. The only drawback is that if you run out of one color ink you will not be able to print anything at all until you replace the empty cartridge. For instance, I recently ran out of Cyan ink and am still not able to print in black and white. To me, this makes no sense but I guess it is a way for them to make money. There is however, a pop-up that tells you when you are running low on ink and will advise that you purchase new ink and will direct you to the Epson website for purchase. The ink is actually less expensive on the Epson website than many other discount sites and shipping many times is free!

Waterbury, CT


This printer makes me crazy (in a bad way).


I got the Epson CX7400 printer in a package when I purchased a second computer for my kids to use. It just happened that about a week before my beloved Cannon printer stopped working because I needed a new print head. This Epson printer works okay. I am a room mom for my sons class and I am often printing 26 copies of the same document. It seems I can never get through all 26 copies without getting an error at least twice during the process. It takes at least 30 minutes for me to print the pages because I have to turn the printer off, pull out the paper, turn the printer back on again and restart the process. Also, it seems I constantly am buying ink for this printer. I did not go through anywhere near as much ink with my Cannon printer. One last thing, making copies on the scanner is not as easy as it should be. I always have to push the button several times before the printer comes out of sleep mode, Sometimes it will act like it is going to make a copy but then doesn't, This printer really does drive me crazy.

Scottsdale, AZ


I love my epson stylus cx 7400 it is so easy to use.


When I purchased my Epson Stylus CX7400 I had in mind a good printer with a lot of features. It has the capabiliy to do copying scanning and printing photos without the pc. It also has ausb port to hook to my computer. I have had it for about  year and have nt had any problems with it. The ink in it is nice because it has seperate colos, so if I run out of one color I can just go and by that color. I use this also if I have papers that ned to be emailed to a company or person. I scan them in and then save them to my pictures and I can email them. I have also used the copy portion if my kids want extra papers from their homework I copy them and am able to print more out. It print many pages in a timely fashion. The photos that I take on my digital camera and place on my computer and pint out, they have such good quality to them and there are many options to change the paper size and the coloringon them. I love my printer and hope that it lasts fr a very long time.

Salt Lake City, UT


Cheap and good at first only!


I bought the Epson Stylus cx7400 at a ok price not to costy but not so cheap. At first, the first few months it was great and it printed perfect but then it started messing up and wasting alot of ink. I don't know if you guys know but u need to purchase the ink cartriges seperate for each color in that is about twelve buck each. Its a good deal at first but its not a reliable printer at all it really satrts messing up wish it had stayed working like when i first got it.

Laredo, TX


got a great deal on the purchace price, but wish I hadn't


Well like I said...I needed a new a great deal on this one.  What a dissappoint ment it has been.  Brought it home...didn't work.  Called and spoke with the epson people, but you can't do that until after you do the on-line stuff... went through all the tests and they determined the printer was bad.  Nice.  They shipped me a new one.  Which I thought was ok since I did get a good deal...  Hooked up the new one and same issue...didn't work.  Again worked with Epson support and once again they determined it didn't work and again offered to send me a new one.  By now I was frustrated, but figured what the another new one arrived.  Same issue...after many, many tests it was finally determined that it was bad ink that was causing the issue.  So all that stress over a bad batch of Epson ink...yep I was using the real stuff.  Anyway I couldn't believe how many printers they were willing to send me until I realized how stinking expensive their ink is!!!!  And you can't print if you run out of any of the colors.  I got a good deal on the printer, but I've spent a small fortune in ink(     

Fraser, MI


Epson Stylus All-In-One Printer C11C689201

2.9 9