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Epson Stylus All-In-One Printer C11C650001

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Epson CX5000 - Junk and customer service is terrible


I purchased this Epson CX5000 and at first everything was fine until I replaced the third set of ink. I was getting streaks in the black and I printed a nozzle check and did a cleaning twice - The Ink levels showed Expended !!!!! I called Epson and they sent out new ink cartridges but the black was on back order - when I called the Epson store to purchase ink, they had plenty So, I called tech support and all they could tell me is that it was on backorder and would ship when it came in (even though I told him that THEIR Epson store had it in stock) Well, mysteriously it showed up the next day Via FedEx Well - I installed the new ink and could not get the black clean and after 5 cleanings the ink shows expended and the black is still not cleaned. I called Epson again and talked to several tech support reps and was told to buy a new one or go to another printer company - That's some customer support !!! So, I guess Epson is comfortable with their products lasting three ink changes so you can throw it out and buy another Epson - Well, I WILL NEVER, EVER BUY ANOTHER EPSON AS LONG AS I LIVE !!!!!!!! Especially since this is the third Epson I have tossed in the trash for the same problem.

Rockvale, TN


Do not waste your money on this printer


This is a terrible printer! The quality is awful. It drains ink like crazy. Even worse, if you are out of ANY color, it will not print at all. So you could be out of yellow and it still wont let you print black and white. I will never purchase another Epson printer.

Allen, TX


A lot of great features for mediocre quality.


The Epson Stylus Photo has a lot of great features such as the LCD, seven color ink, including black photo ink, etc.  However, the quality of the photos leaves something to be desired.  I have done all the imaginable troubleshooting, but I still see bands in my prints, and poor color quality.  Another down fall is that the ink just seems to disappear.  even when not in use.  I feel as though I am constantly replacing ink cartridges.  There is also little control on output quality when you scan.  It defaults that the input is a photo and very few programs let you override the quality.  This leaves you with very large files that are impossible to attach to e-mail etc.  The positive side is it's multifunction-ability.

Porterville, CA


Great printer that does it all


The CX5000 is a great printer.  It prints great quality photos and has a cartridge for each individual color.  This reduces waste as my previous printer would need to be changed when there was still plenty of a color left.  The scanner works excellent.  I scanned a  picture and printed it in 8x10 size and you could barely tell the difference from the original.

Compton, CA


My Epson CX5000 does all that I need & more, & does it well


I'm extremely happy with my CX5000.  The print quality is great and It is very easy to maintain.  Replacing ink cartridges is a snap.  It has dust covers for the paper input and output slots to help keep it clean.  The various input ports--camera, usb, memory card--are easy to access.The scan capability and quality are fantastic.  When I place multiple pictures or other items on the scanner it easily picks them out individually so that I can scan six pictures at one time. 

Hawk Run, PA


Epson Stylus All-In-One Printer C11C650001

2.8 5