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Epicuren Colostrum Serum

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Great Product By a Stellar Facial Company


A few years ago I worked in a World Class Spa and this was the facial line the estheticians campaigned hard to get into the spa. Epicuren products are paraben-free, and the company is committed to formulating natural products that have visible results. I was able to not only use this product myself, but see the results on many spa customers. The Epicuren Colostrum Serum is expensive, but absolutely worth it, especially if you have skin that is prone to acne. You only need to use a pea-sized amount for your entire face. That seems unlikely, but it is true, because it glides and spreads easily. So an expensive bottle can go a very long way. The packaging is not the prettiest or most trendy, but the product itself is what's important. The smell is very mild and will not compete with anything else you are using. This is a great, sustainable company using only the purest of ingredients.



Can't live with out Epicuren's Colostrum Facial Serum, It works!


Before I started using Epicuren's Colostrum Facial Serum, my skin was blotchy, dull, flaky, patchy and needed 20 different products to make it all better. I was told by an Esthetician to try Epicuren's Colostrum Facial Serum. She gave me a handful of samples, and I used it every night for a week, and noticed that my skin was starting to look very healthy and smooth. It had a luster that I have never seen with any other product use in only 1 week of using it. I was getting compliments on how "Dewy" my face looked. When I ran out of the samples, I imediately went to purchase this serum. It was a bit expensive, but well worth every penny. The only problem I had with this product was over use. I got so involved with this serum, I used more than the recomended amount. It made my face a little too shiney, and because of that, my makeup looked a little too heavy. So, I had to calm down a bit with the amounts I was using. A little goes a looooooooooong way! LOVE this product.

Woodland Hills, CA


Epicuren Colostrum Serum

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