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Enviracaire Slant Fin Humidifier EWM211D


War Mist / Germ Free / Adjustable Humidity Control / Runs up to 24 hours on one filling / For small to medium rooms / 3 Year Warranty

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Does the job, but poorly designed


I have to needs for the humidifier: make the air in the house less dry, and don't get a shock when I pet my cat. This device does both. What I don't like about it is the way I have to refill the water. I pick up the top, blue part, turn it upside down, unscrew the seal and gill it in the sink. Then screw the top back on, turn the whole thing over and insert it back into place. It would be much better if I could just pour the water in where the unit is. Water always spills out when I carry it from the sink to the unit, and when I turn it over. My only complaint. Output Volume I fill it twice a day and it's fine. Performance Does what I want it to-mitigates the dry air, and prevents shocks. Ease of Cleaning We have hard water, so it gets a bit crusty. Durability I've had no issues. Design Don't like having to remove the biggest piece and turn it over, which always spills water.

Mountainside, NJ


Enviracaire Slant Fin Humidifier EWM211D

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